"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

30 Dec 2023

Yearning for Mashiach

Zionist Gamer Deregistered From Tournament Without Notice

How many times have you heard the utterance, "My son only calls me when he needs something"?

I have been listening to various clips posted from Rabbis who have been saying the time is ripe for the redemption. But, we have to show Hashem we want it for His sake. Many of us are hoping for Mashiach in these trying times, but are we calling for Mashiach to come because we want to be able to fulfill all the mitzvot and bask in the Divine presence, or are we calling to Hashem to bring Mashiach because we need something - we are having financial difficulties, health issues, marital problems, etc.?

Think about it while you sing along with the song below.

29 Dec 2023

Hei-asfu - Assemble

The Gemara (Pesachim56a) says that Yaakov wanted to reveal when Mashiach would arrive. The Shelah says he therefore told his children to assemble, since the Redemption can only come if all Jews are united in one group.

Yet it seems Yaakov is repeating himself. In this pasuk, he says “hei’asfu — assemble,” and in the next he says, “hikavtzu — gather.” The Malbim explains that “kibbutz” and “asifah” are not synonymous. The word kibbutz means gathering together, while asifah is a gathering at a later stage, ushering into a designated place. Therefore, kibbutz should come before asifah. Yet Yaakov says it conversely.

Why? Since Yaakov’s original intentions were to tell his sons about the Final Redemption, he commanded them to band together as a unified “asifah” — a level of spiritual unity, higher than physical “kibbutz.” Only with such unity could they prepare themselves for the Geulah.

Continue reading: https://mishpacha.com/a-rose-by-any-name/

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מסרים מצדיקים על הגאולה ומהרב עמוס גואטה

"Humanitarian Aid" to HAMAS Must Stop! | The Caroline Glick Show

24 Dec 2023

The Bag on the Bus

Many people have taken upon themselves kabalot during these fraught times. I heard a person on the radio this afternoon who related that last night, people were calling up the radio station, stating which kabalot they were accepting. One spoke about reciting Tehillim. The radio host said that he was going to start his program with a chapter of Tehillim, and he proceeded with Mizmor L'Todah.

I started learning Shaar Habitachon - Gate of Trust, and I found a nice explanation to accompany the text in English at a Chabad website. While I was on the bus this morning, I came across a line which caught my eye.

A reflection for happiness: If G‑d recreates you every moment and G‑d only does good, then everything in your life is good.

Soon after, a woman approached the front of the bus, asking the passengers if the bag in the back of the bus belonged to anyone. When no one answered in the affirmative, the bus driver went to check the back of the bus and told the passengers to disembark, as he had to call in the incident. Quite soon afterwards, two police officers got on the bus and determined that a sapper would be needed to determine what to do with the item. A young woman arrived in a special white van, donned protective clothing, and went to investigate. I started saying Tehillim as a second bus approached, and I was able to proceed to my destination.

I would like to convey my thanks to the bus driver, the policemen and the young woman who put their lives on the line to protect Israeli citizens. I do believe that the bag was left inadvertently by a former passenger, as I saw the bus driver following our bus, a few minutes later. A special thank you to G-d who recreates us every moment. Mizmor L'Todah.

הרב יגאל כהן | גם בחושך - לא מפסיקים לאהוב את אבא

Hundreds Volunteer to Recite Kaddish for Victims of Simchas Torah Massacre; 543 Still Needed

14 Dec 2023

The Donuts

This morning I was listening to Kol BeRama, an Israeli radio station that broadcasts in Hebrew. There was a woman who was interviewed who spoke about an incident that happened to her son recently. He is 13 years old, and went with some friends to a mall and ate at a Kosher McDonald's store. When they exited the food establishment, they came across a Roladin bakery and were ogling the beautiful selection of donuts on display. They were just looking, knowing full well they could not indulge at the moment, for they had eaten a meal with meat and had to wait six hours until they would be able to eat dairy food.

A secular woman saw them eyeing the donuts and told them to choose whichever ones they wanted and she would pay for them. The boys declined, but she was insistent. The Roladin donuts were not cheap, but she wanted to spoil these Orthodox Jewish boys. At the end, they acquiesced, but took the donuts home so they could eat them after the requisite six hours they needed to wait between eating meat and dairy products.

When the young boy got home, he related the story to his mother and told her.

"Since the war, I have felt that the Israeli nation is bridging the differences between them and I see people from whatever background smiling at each other. You know what I wish for? I wish that this feeling of unity and feelings of trying to make others, regardless of their diverse opinions and lifestyles, smile, would last after the war when we return back to our regular routines."

All I can say is 'Amen."

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Remarkable Faith

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11 Dec 2023

Holocaust Remarks

Berlin finds Abbas’s 2022 Holocaust remarks incited hatred, but can’t pursue charges

Leftist Israeli Discovered Her Gazan “Friend” Collaborated With Hamas

Born in Bethlehem

Why the Woke Are More Outraged By Pronouns Than By Hamas

We are told that when Pharaoh asked for Yosef to be taken out of prison to interpret his dreams, they ‘quickly’ brought Yosef out (41:14). Why do we need to know that Yosef was granted his freedom so speedily? The Chofetz Chaim answers with two points. Firstly, it’s important to note that the removal of Yosef from prison was actually the start of the redemption of the Jewish People from Egypt. For Yosef coming out of jail led to his interpreting of Pharaoh’s dream, which in turn guaranteed Yosef’s rise to power – and thus the ultimate safety and separation of the Jewish People in Egypt was sorted even before the brothers came down to Egypt. This is why Rashi (Psachim 108a ‘arba’) writes that the four cups of wine on seder night represent the four cups in the butler’s dream. Why the butler’s dream; what does that have to do with the Exodus? For, as we have said, Yosef’s being freed from prison was the first step in our redemption – which was facilitated by the butler’s dream. For Pharaoh only knew about Yosef’s dream-interpreting skills from this butler who had seen Yosef successfully interpret his dream two years earlier. Based on this, the Chofetz Chaim writes that the reason we are told that Pharaoh’s officers hurried Yosef out of prison, is to teach us that when the time for the redemption comes, HaShem will not delay it by even a second – just as the time of Yosef’s redemption was calculated and precisely on time, so too will our ultimate geulah not be delayed by an instant; bimheirah beyomeinu – literally…


7 Dec 2023

Quacks Like a Duck

San Francisco coffee shop apologizes after video of anti-Israel staffers blocking Jewish woman from restroom

I’ve never witnessed anything like this: Rep. Stefanik

Former Miss Israel: What happened to humanity?

Those of you who do not wish to hear gruesome details of October 7th should skip to the video at the 6 minute mark when the journalist interviewing the former Miss Israel extends his hand to shake her hand, but is met with a comment that she does not shake hands. What a brave woman.

3 Dec 2023


The Messiah will be Groomed in Arabia - Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

A friend sent me a link to part of an interview in which Moshe Feiglin relates an anecdote about an Arab boy who was brought from Gaza, along with his mother, to an Israeli hospital, so that he could get an operation using an Israeli donor. They took care of her, and her son and the operation was successful. Afterwards, the mother said, "Shukran, Hopefully he will grow up and merit being a Shahid."

אין שגרה אנחנו בחבלי משיח הרב אלדד שמואלי שליט'א