"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

20 Feb 2019

The sign

Israel's first moon mission set for liftoff from Florida on Thursday

Why is Shemiras Shabbos considered the litmus test if a person is religious or not? Hashem says about Shabbos (31:13) "Ois He"; it is a sign. The Chofetz Chaim gives Mashal to a sign on a person's store. Every business has a reputation and the name on sign tells the whole world the owner of the store is. Even if the owner travels away for a while, as long as the sign is still up we can count on the fact that the owner will eventually return. If the owner takes the sign down and leaves town then it is clear that the owner has left and has no intention of returning.

Similarly with Shemiras HaMitzvos. Keeping Shabbos is a sign that the Jewish spirit resides in the person. Even if they leave the path as long as they keeps Shabbos we know the Ruach HaTorah is still in them and they will one day return. However once a person is Michalel Shabbos they have removed the sign and we know the Ruach HaTorah has left them.

Going ahead

Jewish Agency head blames social media ‘killing fields’ for rising anti-Semitism

Despite Concerns of Jewish Students, UNC Going Ahead with Sarsour Talk at Medical Conference

Macron denounces anti-Semitism after Jewish cemetery desecrated in France

14 Feb 2019

Outré ideas

R' Yonah's Idea for Shidduch Crisis


Minn. press raises questions about Ilhan Omar's former marriage

Jeffrey Toobin has an article in The New Yorker  in which he writes about two Supreme Court justices. He opines about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "She will hang on for as long as she can, in the hopes that a Democratic President will appoint her successor after the 2020 election."

Mr. Toobin writes about Justice Clarence Thomas's wife, "Even in a conservative White House, Thomas and her team presented some outré ideas, like opposing same-sex marriage and questioning the ability of women to serve in the military."

ou·tré - unusual and startling.

"in 1975 the suggestion was considered outré—today it is orthodox"

Since it was reported in many media outlets that Justice Ginsburg attended a concert on February 4, I am sure she will be well enough to serve for a long time. For instance, an article uploaded on February 4th at 11 PM confirms that the Justice was at the concert and references a tweet dated February 5th.

13 Feb 2019

Already been won

Kobi Marimi to represent Israel in 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

A comment posted at the end of the article reads, "Its already been won by the Shalva band who put Shabbat Kodesh first."

An Antisemite Being Antisemitic – What A Shock!

Ilhan Omar Attacks AIPAC Jewish Money in Politics but Received $60,000 from PACs Including Cash from CAIR

At the time of the new appointments to key Congressional committees, including Ilhan Omar to the Foreign Affairs Committee and Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Financial Services Committee, Speaker Nancy Pelosi opined, “Democrats are thrilled to welcome so many incredible new Members to these key committees, where they will bring fresh vision, great commitment and deep conviction to the Democrats’ work to deliver results For The People.”

Since Columbia University graduate student Barnaby Raine writes in the Guardian, "The deeper, tougher truth is that America supports Israel because at some level America is Israel; these are two settler colonies born in violence," perhaps he would be sokind as to vacate his home for the indigenous American population.

9 Feb 2019

Adding light

A couple of days ago, IsraellyCool alerted readers to a Facebook page from the Palestinian Information Center of the horrific comments posted in reaction to the murder of an Israeli teenage girl. Since then, more have been added.

Murder victim’s mother calls on public to ‘add light to world,’ as daughter had

When Will We Be Proud Again?

8 Feb 2019

What they believe

FACT CHECK: New York Times White House Correspondent Claims ‘Jews Don’t Believe in Heaven’

A post at IsraellyCool alerted its readers to a video where children are trying Palestinian food and they are told that Palestine is not a country. "It is a state controlled by Israel." The video is uploaded to YouTube and quite a number of people have posted comments taking issue with that statement.

Another post at IsraellyCool is about the despicable reactions to the murder of an Israeli girl which were found at the Palestinine Information Center Facebook page.

Some of the comments were despicable, indeed and clicking on some of the Facebook pages of some of those who posted these comments will enlighten people even more. Try Jaimie's page, for instance.

Additionally, the home page of the Palestinian Information Center includes a post which contains the words, "Never forget Palestinian Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor...

She was just 8 months old when she was murdered by Israeli murderers in Gaza, in May, 2018..."

The Times of Israel wrote an article about the baby titled Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas, says cousin.

Parashat Teruma- Perpetuating the Influence of Sinai

Parshas Terumah - The Effort Counts, Too

7 Feb 2019

Mezuzah Week

This Eurovision contender showed how Israel has failed its religious Jews

"Mezuzah Week" Sweeps Tel Aviv

Israeli Company’s Wireless Heart Pump Technology Implanted in a Patient for the First Time

Alive and Well

The Hevron controversy and European anti-Semitism

Popular singer in Iceland compares Jews to Nazis

'Jewish people are always on the lookout': Sickening figures on anti-Semitic 'hooliganism' in our region

After publishing an article about the sighting of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at a performance Monday evening, the Wahsington Post has followed with an article titled Ruth Bader Ginsburg was seen in public Monday. Conspiracy theorists still insist she’s dead.

A while back, I wrote that if  some journalists want to denounce those who don't agree with them, they use the words "conspiracy theory." Journalists on the other side make  the headline into a question.
I don't think she is dead, but there are some questions that need to be asked. One is why David Hagedorn deleted his tweet where he wrote about seeing her and being hugged by her at the event.  Furthermore, he locked his account shortly after.