"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

31 Oct 2015

Tripping up

Israel Arab Knesset Member Trips up: Blesses Jews on Tanakh Day for Ownership of Temple Mount

The JPost reports, "At least 64 people, including 28 children, have been killed by Syrian army and Russian air raids in the northern province of Aleppo in the past 24 hours, a group monitoring the war said on Saturday."

Comments posted under the article include, "If an Israeli raid had killed 62 people (including 28 children), I believe many posters would be condemning Israel. But, when Russia an Syria do it, no posts???? (and no story [yet] on BBC). I think this an example of the double-standard Israel is judged against." http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Syrian-Russian-air-raids-kill-64-people-in-Aleppo-430630

"And it was when the camels finished drinking, Eliezer took a golden nose ring, its weight a Beka, and 2 bracelets on her arms weighing 10 golden Shekel. Rashi tells us, the Beka weight was an allusion to the Shekalim of Klal Yisroel - the half shekel donated by Klal Yisroel for the Beis HaMikdash. The 2 braclets were an allusion to the 2 Luchos - and the weight of 10 shekel, alluded to the Aseres HaDibros which were written on them.

Why was it necessary at this time for Eliezer to hint to Rivka concerning these future events? The Maharal answers that Eliezer was telling Rivka that the world stands on 3 things - Torah, Avodah and Gemilus Chasadim. I see that you are very accomplished in acts of Gemilas Chesed. However, to be one of the foundations of Klal Yisroel you must also excel in Torah and Avodah. Torah, which was represented by the 2 bracelets weighing 10 shekel - alluding to the Luchos. Avodah, which was represented by the Beka - used to purchase the Korbonos for the Beis HaMikdash.

28 Oct 2015

Record attendance

Record Attendance at JLI Course

The New Melanies by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Recovering terror victim celebrates engagement

Jim Huffman asks, "Has Being A Skilled Liar Become A Qualification For High Office?"

While we might wish that all public officials would always be truthful, we should not be surprised that Hillary and so many other public officials and those who aspire to officialdom lie with impunity. What should worry us is that partisans from right and left are wholly indifferent to lying so long as it advances the cause they support. 
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/10/28/has-being-a-skilled-liar-become-a-qualification-for-high-office/#ixzz3ptuOR5yc

Double standards

You can't co-exist with people who want to kill you

Parashat Vayera 5776, 2015: "Akeidat Yitzhak: The Greatness of Yitzhak"

Double Standards at WaPo

Ken Silverstein writes, "The Clinton Foundation has until November 16 to amend more than ten years’ worth of state, federal and foreign filings, but it’s going to be virtually impossible to do so without acknowledging that it has engaged in massive accounting fraud since its inception."
Read more: https://www.byline.com/project/27/article/520

27 Oct 2015

I know that's not your question

Some Fear Refugee Center Planned for Amsterdam's Jewish heart

.@UNRWA's Chris Gunness speaks at US-designated terrorist org

7th-grader explains what her teacher would do if she DIDN’T deny the existence of God

State Department Spokesperson John Kirby has trouble answering "yes" or "no" when asked a series of questions by journalists. Below are a few examples.

QUESTION: Okay. When the Secretary – well, when the Secretary was in Jordan and he announced this camera, the CC – closed circuit television or whatever it’s going to be, the cameras at the Temple Mount --

...QUESTION: So the Jordanians have welcomed this. The Israelis have welcomed it. Waqf has welcomed it. The only people who don’t seem to be too thrilled about this idea are the Palestinians. Is this a disappointment to you? Do you think that this is a mistake, them not embracing this proposal?

MR KIRBY: I think we’d let the Palestinian Authority speak for themselves in terms of --

QUESTION: Well, can I ask one on this? I mean, so you had very specific things that you were looking for the prime minister to do in terms of this camera, making this announcement about the status quo and the Temple Mount and such, but you were also looking for President Abbas to take certain steps to try to end incitement and speak out in terms of violence against innocent civilians. Do you think that President Abbas has taken enough leadership in terms of trying to put an end to this kind of violence?

MR KIRBY: We continue --

...MR KIRBY: We continue to want all sides, as I said earlier, to --

QUESTION: That’s not – wasn’t my question.

MR KIRBY: I know that’s not your question. We want all sides --

QUESTION: You got – you want both sides to take steps, and you specifically saw --

...QUESTION: You specifically saw a step by Prime Minister Netanyahu, whether the --

MR KIRBY: Which we welcomed.

QUESTION: Which you welcomed, but I don’t see you welcoming any steps by President Abbas, maybe because that’s – he hasn’t taken any?

MR KIRBY: I’m going to leave it the way I said it.

...QUESTION: Secretary Kerry specifically called on Palestinian leaders to speak out against incitement. Have you seen these statements?

MR KIRBY: I would just say we continue to want that as the goal. We want --

QUESTION: Well, by saying that you continue to want that, that would suggest that you haven’t seen it.

MR KIRBY: I think it’s something that we want to see continuously observed, which is a continuous effort --

QUESTION: Well, are you seeing that now?

MR KIRBY: We want to see a continuous effort by all sides --

QUESTION: Well, are you seeing a continuous effort?

MR KIRBY: We want to see a continuous effort by all sides going forward.

Words of encouragement

Words of Encouragement From A Jewish Hero - Rachelle Sprecher Fraenkel

Op-Ed: Hillary and the triumph of mediocrity

The Har Nof Massacre, Knife Attacks, and BDS

Netanyahu’s Call For Civilians To Be Armed Has Saved Lives in Israel

Rav Ba'adani: Mashiah is at the Doorway

The Traverse City Record-Eagle, a local newspaper serving northern Michigan, made a glaring error on the front page of its Sunday edition.
Continue reading: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/10/26/see-newspapers-unbelievable-front-page-headline-error-about-shooter-then-read-the-correction-issued/

Caught teenaged singer Uziah Tzadok (featured in the second video below) at IsraelNationalNews. - What a talent!

The protection

Mother of Killed Palestinian Terrorist Pulls Out Knife During Interview

המשיח בפתח": צפו במסע הגר"ש בעדני בפנמה"

The Real Protection Against Knives

Terrorists coordinating attacks from behind bars

Key to peace? No-pray zone for Jews

"Unbiased"? headline at SkyNews - Two more Palestinians shot dead

26 Oct 2015


Muslim cleric to Jewish reporter: Go build your temple in Yemen!

SHOCK VIDEO: A Palestinian imam in Gaza preaches murder

How many Israelis must die for “as a Jew” progressives to feel good about themselves?

"V'Hinei Ayil Achar Neechaz B'Svach BiKarrnav" (Vayeira 22:13). After the Malach told Avrohom not to shecht Yitzchok, Avrohom yearned to bring a Korban to Hashem and not let the Mesirus Nefesh elude him. Hashem showed him a ram that was ensnared in the bush, and told him that this will be his Akeida. What does this mean?

The Pninim UParparaos brings B'Shem the Chozeh of Lublin as follows. V'Hinei Ayil Achar, there is another way to earn the schar of the Akeida with similar Mesirus Nefesh. How? Neechaz B'Svach, when a person is entangled with Olam HaZeh, and is caught in the grasp of the Yetzer Hara, and is struggling to free himself. B'Karnav, if he fights hard and frees himself from his desires and inclination, his shine (Keren) will radiate towards Shamayim. 

25 Oct 2015


Time for a Palestinian Referendum?

Andrea Peyser has written an article in the NYPost titled Taxpayers should not be funding this anti-American hate-spewer

When the Malachim visited Avrohom the Torah calls them Anashim, men. When they arrived to Lot the Torah refers to them as Malachim. Rashi says that when the Shechina is with them they are called men. Without the Shechina they are Malachim. This Rashi seems contrary to simple understanding.

Rav Shloime Volbe says that the Rishonim debated whether man is greater or Malachim are greater. From here, he says, we clearly see that man is greater. Only on a man does the Shechina rest. When they were at Avrohom's house the Shechina rested on them and therefore had the status of man. Whereas when they arrived to Sedom, the Shechina did not rest on them and they reverted to mere Malachim.

Always remember that the Shechina cannot rest on a Malach, only on you! 

Emulating stabbings

Jewish Group Warns Islamists in France May Seek to Emulate Palestinian Stabbings After 3 Wounded in Antisemitic Attack in Marseilles

Winning a Debate with an Israel-Hater

Muslim Engineer, Mozaffar Khazee – SPY: Gets Engineering Job over a Non-Muslim Engineer

European anti- Semitism rises again

24 Oct 2015

Fire at historic synagogue

Investigators are trying to find the cause of a fire that destroyed a historic synagogue in New Brunswick Friday.
Continue reading: http://abc7ny.com/news/massive-fire-burning-through-new-brunswick-synagogue/1048138/

As a fire raged through a historic city synagogue Friday afternoon, the congregation's longtime rabbi raced into the burning building to rescue the Sefer Torah.
Continue reading: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/local/middlesex-county/2015/10/23/new-brunswick-synagogue-on-fire/74480628/

Three Dead At OSU Homecoming Parade In Stillwater

Jewish worshipers stabbed in Marseille on Saturday morning, Le Figaro reports

1,700 Jewish Women Make Challah In South Africa For Global Shabbos Project

"VaTabeit Ishto MeiAcharav", Lot's wife looked behind. "VaTehi Netziv Melach", and she became a pillar of salt (Bereishis 19:26). The Kli Yakar asks, why does it say she looked behind "him"? It should say she looked behind herself, "MeiAchareha".

The Kli Yakar explains that Lot's wife was deeply distressed that she couldn't save her money, as the Malachim rushed them out and told them to forget about their wealth that would be left behind (see Rashi 19:17). Now on the run she was concerned with how she will survive if her husband, now penniless dies. MeiAcharav means she looked past him, past his lifetime and worried about the money.

This worry brought back memories of her aveira of thriftiness and that she refused to give tzedaka or Hachnosas Orchim. Melach, salt is a preservative. Chazal tell us that tzedoka is the salt to preserve our wealth. Therefore, she who refused to give tzedoka, both back in Sedom and even now on the run, she who had not learned her lesson, turned into salt.

22 Oct 2015

Not doing enough

Op-Ed: The insanity of treating terrorists

מאמע רחל: שטיינמץ בביצוע מעורר דמעות

Israel’s Antisemitism Czar Says US Based Social Media Giants Aren’t Doing Enough to Combat Anti-Jewish Hate (INTERVIEW)

Pro-Palestinian activists at the University of Berkeley caught on video chanting “we support the intifada” and another activist at Brooklyn College calling for the annihilation of Israeli settlers are sparking outrage among defenders of the Jewish state.
Read more: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/anti-israel-students-chant-we-support-the-intifada/

Researchers at the University of Georgia have released a new study that found that simple acts of gratitude can help improve peoples’ marriages.

I would change the word  peoples' to people's  in the above sentence.

If you attack

Statement of Agudath Israel of America on the UNESCO Resolution Regarding Holy Sites in Israel

Watch Jake Tapper explain to PLO guy that you’ll get SHOT if you ATTACK a cop with a knife ANYWHERE

2 Chabad bochurim went to the Blue Jays game in Toronto to put on Tefillin with people -- and scored big.
Continue reading: http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=37530&alias=bochurim-score-for-toronto-team

The Muqata is reporting an update on the attempted attack at a synagogue in Beit Shemesh.

An eyewitness reported on Galei Tzahal, that the two terrorists first tried to get on a children's school bus. The driver closed the door and drove off. The witness then called the police, and followed the terrorists from a distance.

Never despair

Parashat Lech-Lecha: A Jew Never Despairs

"עצת מרן הגראי"ל שטיינמן לשמירה מגל הטרור: "5 רגעים של לימוד

WATCH: Charedi Kids Give Pizza to Soldiers in Yerushalayim

20 Oct 2015

A replaced tweet

FoxNews reports:

False rumors about Israel's designs on a site held sacred by both Jews and Muslims helped trigger the bloody wave of attacks plaguing Jerusalem, but a tangible plan by six Arab nations to purge the Jewish State's claim to its holiest location will be voted on Wednesday by the United Nations' cultural arm.
 ...UNESCO initially approved a resolution designating Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron as “integral” parts “of Palestine” in 2010. That decision prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ask, “If the places where the Jewish nation’s forefathers and mothers – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel – were buried 4,000 years ago is not part of the Jewish nation’s heritage, then what is a heritage site?”
 Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/10/20/un-cultural-arm-sets-vote-on-designating-western-wall-as-muslim-domain/?intcmp=hpbt3

John Kerry tweeted about UNESCO on October 18th.

"The US is a proud candidate for reelection to UNESCO's Executive Board + I'm grateful to have gotten to talk w/ PermReps today in Paris."

"1/2 We are a UNESCO founding member, and remain committed to strengthening it's role in promoting peace and security."

Speaking about tweets, the Daily Signal writes about a tweet that was replaced.

Posting on Oct. 15, the State Department on its official twitter account correctly characterized the attacks, advertising remarks by Secretary of State John Kerry at Indiana University. “Secretary @JohnKerry addresses the tragic, outrageous attacks on civilians in Israel and the West Bank,” the tweet read.

However, the tweet was almost instantly taken down, and replaced with a more anodyne version, referring simply to “recent attacks.”

Hey, as long as tweets are being replaced, can I ask for the tweet "1/2 We are a UNESCO founding member, and remain committed to strengthening it's role in promoting peace and security. to be replaced with "1/2 We are a UNESCO founding member, and remain committed to strengthening its role in promoting peace and security."
(Note the absence of the apostrophe in "its.")

France: Calls for jihad against Israel in Paris, Place de la République (video)

MSNBC Apologizes for Anti-Israel Graphics

The right choice

The Right Choice


Here's an incredible article about a jilted bride who used her cancelled wedding feast to feed the homeless.

Moral Equivalence in the Middle East - Excellent!!!

The NYPost has an article titled Author: Hillary flooded Amazon with negative reviews of my book.

נס בבית המדרש: ביטול השיעור הציל עשרות קרבנות מרצח

Ahmed Mohamed meets Barack Obama on night of stars – but leaves clock at home

19 Oct 2015

Prayer for rain

אחרי שכולם שבו הביתה: הגיע הזמן לבקש גשם

Why Is the Prayer for Rain Based on the Civil Calendar?

Orthodox boy is breakout star of Oprah’s new TV show ‘Belief’

Calling out the Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today Newspapers

Orthodox Union Condemns UNESCO Proposal Seeking to Reclassify the Kosel as a Muslim Site

J Street's statement of condemnation of the arson attack on Joseph's Tomb includes, "Groups from Israel's far right, including a cabinet minister, are already calling for Israel to reoccupy the site. We urge the Israeli government to ignore irresponsible demands..."

Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Becoming A Giving Person

MSNBC has admitted that highly controversial graphics aired on the network that depicted Israel as stealing land from the Palestinians were “factually wrong” and that the broadcast would be corrected on Monday, according to a network spokesperson.
Continue reading: http://freebeacon.com/issues/msnbc-admits-anti-israel-wrong/

CAIR awards ‘American Muslim of the Year’ to clock kid after he meets with genocidal war criminal

A comment posted under the above article- "Wow! Can the Nobel Prize for Everything be too far behind? After all, there's a history of giving this award to nobodies."

"דאע"ש מאיים: "העיניים מופנות לירושלים, לשחוט את היהודים

The white British son of a film director has converted from Catholicism to Islam and become an al-Qaeda fighter in Syria, the MailOnline can reveal.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3278441/Revealed-British-son-Indiana-Jones-movie-director-al-Qaeda-jihadi-poster-boy-bent-terror.html#ixzz3ozWOy3fO  

17 Oct 2015

The secret and the keys

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: The secret to the security of the Jewish people in Israel and a miracle story from the Rebbe.

Click here to see, Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Education (not Economy), speak to a BBC journalist. If the BBC got his title wrong, what else do they get wrong?

Shadchan Fair and Keys to Success Seminar with Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

"Fall For Your Zivug Singles Shabbaton"

"Vavorichah Mivarachekah Umikalalechah Ahor"; "And I will bless the ones that bless you and the ones who curse you I will curse" The Meforshim ask, just like the pasuk says, "I will bless the ones that bless you" - stating "I will bless" first, so too should the pasuk end, "I will curse the ones who curse you". Why does the pasuk reverse it by saying, "The ones who curse you I will curse?"

The Kli Yakar answers, "Machshava Tova HaKadosh Baruch Hu Mitzaref Limaaseh, Machshava Raah Ayn HaKadosh Baruch Hu Mitzaref Limaaseh"- Hashem considers a good thought (when one thinks about doing a Mitzvah) as if the person actually did it; but concerning an evil thought, Hashem only punishes when the thought come to fruition and the person commits the sin. That is the pshat in this pasuk. "Vavorichah Mivarachekah" - "And I will bless them even before they bless you. When they just have a thought to bless you I will consider their Machshava as if it was done. But Umikalalechah Ahor" - only after they actually curse you will I curse them, since Hashem only punishes when the thought come to fruition.

Vilna Gaon offers another explanation. He says that the blessing of a rich man is greater than that of a poor man, since the rich man knows what it means to have pleasure. He therefore will give a greater Bracha. On the other hand, a poor man's curse is greater than a rich man since he experienced pain in his life and can give a harsher curse. The Hashem is saying to Avraham, "Vavorichah Mivarachekah" - I will bless them before they bless you, therefore making it a blessing of a rich person who gives a more lavish Bracha. "Umikalalechah Ahor" - I will only curse them after they curse you. This way it won't be a curse of a poor man whose curse is harsh. http://revach.net/tefila/article.php?id=1159

The NYT editorial board has a wonderful solution to end the cycle of violence in Israel.
The piece notes that "Mahmoud Abbas is bitter and unpopular, and his Palestinian Authority has lost control over Gaza to the Islamists of Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated little interest in a two-state solution..."

...The sight of Palestinian teenagers who were small children when the last intifada ended attacking Jews with knives and being shot dead themselves should be sufficiently terrifying to both their intended victims and their parents, as well as to Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Abbas, to try again. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/16/opinion/the-cycle-of-violence-in-israel.html?_r=0

16 Oct 2015

Powerful words

Video Of Interest: Powerful Words From Israeli-Arab Reporter Lucy Aharish - Amazing!!!

Celebrities Put Out Video Supporting Black Lives Matter-Palestinian Solidarity

Health Minister Ya'akov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) ordered an investigation on Friday to check suspicions that Arab medical staff at a clinic in Jerusalem's Old City did not go out to help Jewish victims, who were stabbed right next to the clinic.
Read more: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/201984#.ViCg5Pmqqko

Torah Wellsprings - Parshat Noach  - Worthwhile reading.

Foreign Ministry: We Can't Trust PA with Holy Sites

NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin was corrected on-air after he suggested that he saw no weapons on a Palestinian terrorist who Israeli police say charged at them with a knife on Thursday. Continue reading: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/10/16/the-moment-msnbc-anchor-has-to-correct-reporter-on-air-when-he-makes-false-leading-assertion-about-palestinian-terrorist/

Devorah posted a comment at the bottom of her Shirat Devorah blog post titled We are in The Final Stages in which she details all the names of the victims in Israel to be prayed for.

15 Oct 2015


State Department Spox Lies About Israel and Temple Mount Status Quo, Lies to Walk Back His Comment

Naturally, CNN’s parent company is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors

Fuming Bernie supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments?

CNN reports on the death of Jamie Zimmerman, a 31-year-old doctor who "provided on-air analysis for ABC News" who drowned while on vacation in Hawaii.
Her mother has written a tribute to her.

"My little girl was always trying to do too much," she wrote. "She wanted to write books and already had a literary agent. She just couldn't stop taking on more. It's as if she knew her time was limited and she was trying to fit it all in!"

This included trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by wrting an article with the following great advice.

"The United States is highly influential in this region, and provides more foreign aid to Israel than any other country on the globe. If you live in the US, call your congressional representative, senators and President Obama, asking them to put pressure on Israel and Hamas to negotiate a cease-fire immediately."

UGH: CBS News Reporter describes Israelis carrying guns in the open as PARANOID

The word "paranoia" is defined below.

1. A mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.

1.1 Unjustified suspicion and mistrust of other people

CBS News reporter Jonathan Vigliotti began his reporting form the streets of Jerusalem with the following words.

"The increased presence of the military here on the streets is truly adding to the paranoia..."

Huh? Are Israelis suffering from delusions and are they unjustifiably suspicious?

Kinut Hisorerut On The Matzav In Eretz Yisrael

Matisyahu Calls on All Jews to Keep Shabbat Next Week

Fabulous shiur by Rabbi Fischel Schachter - The Process Is Underway He ends his shiur with the words of this week's haftorah.

"Sing you barren woman who has not borne; burst out into song and jubilate;;;and your seed shall inherit nations and repeople desolate cities."

The root cause

On Edge

Watch Brooke Goldstein OBLITERATE defender of Obama’s moral equivalence between terrorists and Israelis

Read more: http://therightscoop.com/watch-brooke-goldstein-obliterate-defender-of-obamas-moral-equivalence-between-terrorists-and-israelis/#ixzz3odrLupMt Response to Terror: Round-the-Clock Tefilos And Limud at Kever Rochel

Parshas Noach - Tower Of Unity

Techiyat Hameitim - IN PICTURES: 'Dead' 13-year-old terrorist alive and well

'מרן הגר"ח קנייבסקי לבנות סמינר: 'שיתפללו ויתחזקו בצניעות

12 Oct 2015

Esrog disposal

Star-K Alert - Esrog Disposal

The Touch of Tehillim by Rabbi Yechiel Spero

The large menorah that stands year-round at the Chabad Jewish Community Center in the NDG neighborhood of Montreal was apparently the victim of an act of vandalism Saturday night.
Continue reading: http://collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=37395&alias=chabad-menorah-was-vandalized

Cheshvan always has a two-day Rosh Chodesh, the second of which, the first of the new month, always falls on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Shabbat.

The Holocaust Survivor band

The other day I posted a clip of the Holocaust Survivor band performing with Lipa.
Someone posted a comment, "I LOVE this! I'd personally love to hear more from the Holocaust Survivor Band!"
Below are two videos. One is a performance by the band from a few months ago. The other video contains a Torah thought from Lipa in which he speaks about the parshat hashavua. Although it is not related to this week's parsha, the message is still timely. Additionally, the NYT profiled the two members and the video can be accessed here.

"אדל בנט: "גייסו את בעלי אהרון בכפייה - Kooker.il has posted a video of the mother of Odel Bennet, survivor of a stabbing attack, in which she describes the trauma the family faces. Can someone please set up a fund to help the family?

The New York Times corrected an article titled "Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place."
The sentence, "The question, which many books and scholarly treatises have never definitively answered, is whether on the 37-acre site, home to Islam’s sacred Dome of the Rock shrine and Al Aqsa Mosque, was also the precise location of two ancient Jewish temples, one built on the remains of the other, and both long since gone" was changed to, "The question, which many books and scholarly treatises have never definitively answered, is where on the 37-acre site, home to Islam’s sacred Dome of the Rock shrine and Al Aqsa Mosque, was the precise location of two ancient Jewish temples, one built on the remains of the other, and both long since gone."

The Irish Times published the article a few hours ago and chose to go with the earlier version.

7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach

7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach

Yemenite government to Jews: Convert or leave Yemen

אגרת תימן

Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate

10 Oct 2015

The question of the Temples

The New York Times added a correction to an article about the site of the two Jewish Temples.

An earlier version of this article misstated the question that many books and scholarly treatises have never definitively answered concerning the two ancient Jewish temples. The question is where precisely on the 37-acre Temple Mount site the temples had once stood, not whether the temples had ever existed there.

What shoddy journalism.

The Rebbe Appeared in a Dream

The DailyCaller reports on a speech made by Chicago-based pastor Jeremiah Wright. Click here to read whom refers to as a Palestinian.

Below are two questions asked to the State Department Spokesperson at the Friday briefing.

I have one last question on the settlement. I raised this question before in this room, and I want to ask it again. Now, there are a number of settlers in the thousands – 60,000 altogether with American citizens and so on. Do you feel that you have any kind of leverage perhaps to convince those settlers to sort of de-conflict from that area or relocate and so on?

But you have termed before settler attacks Palestinians as terrorist attacks. You have, correct? I mean, and the incident, let’s say, in the village of Duma when a settler burned a whole family down and so on, you called that an act of terror.

Can the journalist who asked the second question point me to the settler who committed the act? Is he aware of someone who was convicted of the crime so that he could definitively state it was a settler?

"הגר"ש עמאר: "פטירת הרב אברג'ל מחייבת את כולנו לחשבון נפש

8 Oct 2015

Reeducation camp

Parshas Breishis - Brotherly Love

Emuna daily lesson

NYC Mayor Ignores Hatzolah’s Rescue Efforts in Wake of Explosion

As Israelis suffer three stabbing attacks in one day, as a female Jewish driver was attacked by Palestinians, journalist Said addresses the State Department spokesperson with concerns about the violence in the MidEast.

QUESTION: Yeah, okay. Now, the – my last question is the Israelis have been using sniper rifles – .22 caliber sniper rifles to go after stone throwers. Are you aware of that policy?

MR KIRBY: I haven’t seen those particular reports, Said. But again, I would point you back to what the Secretary said about restoring calm and ceasing the violence.

QUESTION: Would you discourage the Israelis from using sniper rifles against stone throwers?

MR KIRBY: I have not seen those reports, Said. What I would say and what the Secretary, again, has made very clear is we want to see the violence stop, calm restored, and the status quo observed. None of what we’re seeing here in terms of the increased violence and tensions are getting us any closer to the possibility or the potential of a two-state solution. And that’s ultimately what we’d like to see progress made towards.

The Muqata reports, "Meir Ettinger Transfered Out of Ideological Fear
Meir Ettinger (Kahane's grandson) and Evyatar Slonim have been transferred to a secure prison wing. Authorities were afraid that the Jewish security prisoners were influencing other Jewish prisoners with their beliefs.
Next step: Reeducation camp."

One comment posted on the Muqata's Facebook page.
Reminds me of when the Romans came to arrest Onkelos... As he was being arrested Onkelos piqued their curiosity about the Torah and after hearing wonderful thing and G-d and the Torah they all wanted to convert.

7 Oct 2015

Striving to be the best

This week I read a devar Torah by Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss in which he addresses a verse in this week's parsha of Bereishit.

When Hashem was about to create Man, He exclaimed, “Naase Adom, – Let us make Man.” Rashi explains that He was conferring with the angels, teaching us that it should not be above us to take counsel from our inferiors. However, the father of Chassidus, the great Baal Shem Tov, Zt”l, Zy”a, gives a novel explanation to Hashem’s statement of “Naase Adom.” He explains that Hashem was talking to Man himself, saying to him, “Let us together make Man,” for Hashem gave us, the human, an animal-like body that has many physical and materialistic cravings. In this shell he infused a holy neshamah. He then gave us the great charge to make out of that human animal an Adom, a mentch.
...By doing mitzvahs, we make a holy Adom out of the humanoid. The Netziv, Zt”l, Zy”a, elaborates that the rarified term ‘Adom’ is closely related to the term adameh, which means ‘to be like,’ and thus Adom points to the charge of man to be “adameh l’Elyon,” like the One Above. Thus, our charge in life is to rise above the needs of self-gratification and sensual pleasures and to become like Hashem.


Tonight marks the beginning of the yarzheit of the Chatam Sofer.

In the video below, Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman addresses a descendant of the Chatam Sofer and Rav Akiva Eiger. The Rav told the individual that "you had such great grandfathers. You have to strive to be like them."

Today the DailyNews reported, "Jim Carrey's girlfriend reportedly committed suicide just days after her mother called her a “failure” in life on her 30th birthday."

"Vayomer Elokim naaseh adam bezalmeinu kedemuteinu;;"

We can be called failures and view ourselves as such, or we can strive to achieve the lofty heights reached by our ancestors.

Point taken

On Monday, October 5th, AP journalist Matt Lee questioned the State Department spokesperson about a statement made in August 2014 regarding shelling of an UNRWA school.

"The United States is appalled by today’s disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah sheltering some 3,000 displaced persons, in which at least ten more Palestinian civilians were tragically killed. The coordinates of the school, like all UN facilities in Gaza, have been repeatedly communicated to the Israeli Defense Forces. We once again stress that Israel must do more to meet its own standards and avoid civilian casualties...."

On October 6th, Matt Lee raised a number of questions with the State Department spokesperson regarding the attack by coalition forces on a hospital in Kunduz on October 3.

QUESTION: In terms of the comparison or – not – “comparison” is not the right word, but in terms of the idea that a somewhat similar incident of a nonmilitary target or a humanitarian target being struck by a military that you guys, before an investigation was completed, called it appalling and disgraceful. And yet in this case, you’re not prepared to say the same thing.

MR TONER: I think I am right where I was last – yesterday, which is that there’s several investigations underway. Let’s wait and see the conclusion of those investigations before we reach any determination, but obviously recognizing that this was a terrible tragedy.

QUESTION: Right. Well, I mean, in retrospect, does it make – do you think that it would make sense to wait until investigations are completed before making definitive statements about “disgraceful and appalling” or no?

MR TONER: Point taken.

A Tale of Two Church Fires


6 Oct 2015

In the dark of night

Al Jazeera Apologizes for Misleading Tweet About Jerusalem Attacks; BBC Doesn’t

Crews remove Ten Commandments from OK capitol in dark of night

מרן הגראי"ל שטיינמן: "מה יש מדולרים? צריך להיות גדול בתורה

August 2014 - A State Department Spokesperson issued a statement about the shelling of an UNRWA school.

“The United States is appalled by today’s disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah sheltering some 3,000 displaced people. The coordinates of the school, like all UN facilities in Gaza, have been repeatedly communicated to the Israeli Defense Forces. We once again stress that Israel must do more to meet its own standards and avoid civilian casualties. UN facilities, especially those sheltering civilians, must be protected and must not be used by bases from which to launch attacks.”

October 6 - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) denounces blatant breach of International Humanitarian Law

Despite MSF alerting both the Afghan and Coalition military leadership, the airstrike continued for at least another 30 minutes. The hospital was well-known and the GPS coordinates had been regularly shared with Coalition and Afghan military and civilian officials, as recently as Tuesday 29 September.

Did the State Department Spokesperson issue a statement this week about being appalled by the disgraceful shelling in Kunduz of a hospital where the coordinates were communicated to the Coalition and Afghan military?

Click here to view Matt Lee asking State Department Spokesperson, Marc Toner, about  the two incidents and over here to read the questions and answers.

THIS IS AWESOME: A parent’s RESPONSE to her child being taught about Islam at school

4 Oct 2015

Mashiv Haruach

Where's the Orthodox Counterpoint to All Those OTD Books?

What’s Really Hot on Dating Sites? Proper Grammar

Shabbos Chol HaMoedShemini Atzeres-Simchas Torah 5776

On Sunday afternoon Adelle Banita-Bennett, widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett, who herself was seriously injured in the stabbing attack Saturday night in Old City of Jerusalem, woke up from medical coma she had been placed under in order to enable doctors to treat her.
Continue reading: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/201415#.VhFHC_mqqko

Hoshanah Rabbah

On Hoshana Rabba we wish people a Gmar Tov. The Minhag Yisroel Tovah brings from the Eretz Tzvi that this means that although our fate, whatever it is, is already sealed, it should turn out for the best. Koheles says sometimes great wealth is bestowed upon his person for the bad. We therefore wish each other that whatever they were granted should be for the good.

The Darkei Chaim V'Shalom says we should not wish people Gmar Tov because the word Gmar means "final end" and telling someone to have a "good end" is quite ominous sounding. He suggests saying Gmar VChasima Tova.

Her also says that when someone give you a bracha you should not respond "V'Chein L'Mar", as in same to you. Mar also means bitter and we do not want to wish the person giving us a bracha that he should have a bitter year. For a response to a bracha, he recommends saying "Gam Atem".

The Chasam Sofer however was very makpid that when he gave bracha to his talmidim they should answer the words V'chein L'Mar. The source for this is the gemara (Megila 27b), where Rav complained to someone whom he gave a bracha to that he did not say V'Chein L'Mar. http://revach.net/hanhagos/minhagim/Greeting-Protocol-For-Hoshana-Rabba/4106

France floods: Several dead on Riviera after storms

Is it Safe For Jews to Visit the Kotel? Rabbis Disagree

No-show wedding guests billed for missed meal

Don’t expect a Saturday tweet from Aviva Drescher. When the author and former “Real Housewives of New York” star found herself paying more attention to her 30K Instagram followers than her banker husband, Reid, the couple made a strict rule: No digital devices all weekend. http://nypost.com/2015/10/03/turning-off-my-iphone-saved-our-relationship/

3 Oct 2015

Multiple versions

Palestinian Child Shoots Himself - Then Blames 'Settlers.'

Palestinian Boy Believed Shot Accidentally While Playing With Gun Palestinian sources say family fabricated story that boy was shot by Israeli settler in order to protect older brother and win Palestinian Authority stipend;
Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.678650

Below are two versions of the incident reported and then updated by Maan News.

Israeli settler shoots, injures 6-year-old Palestinian near Qalqiliya

A suspected Israeli settler shot and critically injured a 6-year-old Palestinian near the occupied West Bank city of Qalqiliya, witnesses said. Yousef Bayan al-Tabib was standing on the side of the road when the settler reportedly stopped his car, shot the child in the stomach, and fled the scene, a Ma'an reporter said. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:cpNCA57LsAIJ:https://www.maannews.com/Content.aspx%3Fid%3D767947+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=be

Family: Israeli settler shoots, injures 6-year-old Palestinian

A suspected Israeli settler shot and critically injured a 6-year-old Palestinian near the occupied West Bank city of Qalqiliya, relatives said.

Yousef Bayan al-Tabib was standing on the side of the road when the settler reportedly stopped his car, shot the child in the stomach, and fled the scene, relatives of the boy told Ma'an.

In Memory of Rabbi Eitam & Naama Henkin

האדמו"ר מגור לחסידו: "אל תלכו לכותל

The Los Angeles Times has labeled the Oregon shooter as having “white supremacist leanings” even though the shooter was black.
Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/10/03/shock-la-times-labels-black-oregon-shooter-as-white-supremacist/

The New York Times reports on at least 19 people being killed when a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders was 'hit by what appears to have been an American airstrike."

The United States military, in a statement, confirmed an airstrike at 2:15 a.m., saying that it had been targeting individuals “who were threatening the force” and that “there may have been collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.” 

At least one person is dead and three more injured after a massive gas explosion blew out the front of a three-story building along a busy street in Borough Park early Saturday afternoon.
Read more: http://nypost.com/2015/10/03/1-dead-in-huge-brooklyn-building-explosion/

1 Oct 2015

Two attacks

Chief Rabbi Lau: The Entire Nation is Crying

האמנם צונזרה הערה אודות הרצל באיגרות הראי"ה - a link to an article by Rabbi Eitam Hinkin, Hy'd.

A comment posted at the end of an article about the shooting of the Hinkins begins, "This horrrifying news for sure will be overshadowed by murder of 10 community college students in Oregon."

Very reassuring that the site where the community college attack took place is a gun free zone.

A BBC article about the shooting of the Israeli couple refers to tensions regarding access to the al-Aqsa mosque compound.

"Al-Aqsa is one of Islam's holiest sites and is in the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif site also revered by Jews."

Additionally, the article describes Hamas's response to the attack.

The Palestinian militant organisation Hamas (which dominates Gaza) said "we bless the killing of settlers in the West Bank".

The Sukkah

In Light of Hurricane Joaquin – May One Take Apart One’s Sukkah On Chol HaMoed?

Walid Shoebat dissects the Shemitah theory of Jonathan Cahn over here.

Zman Simchatainu

The Central Theme of the Sukkah

What next?

Judaism's Reconstructionist movement announced Wednesday it will allow rabbinical students with non-Jewish partners to become rabbis, a decision that ends years of debate and that officials anticipate will help retain students who go on to become "wonderful rabbis." http://news.yahoo.com/reconstructionists-ordain-rabbis-non-jewish-partners-192830197.html

What next? Non-Jewish partners to be allowed to become rabbis?

Emuna Daily lesson