"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

26 Dec 2020

Search Engines

University of California professor deletes Twitter account full of anti-Semitism

Has the Democrats’ push to depose Biden begun?

I caught this link which someone posted under an article I read this evening. In the video that connects to the link, the speaker talks, among other things, about Google search versus DuckDuckGo. I tried an experiment using the words"election fraud" and I was surprised by the disparate results I got using the two search engines.

בשבת: ראש הישיבה הגאון רבי שלום פוברסקי, שנדבק בקורונה - נפטר

This Week: Wonders Unmasked

Vitamin D, other everyday vitamins could counter coronavirus effects: report

3 Dec 2020

Support Drop

Ambassador Erdan welcomes drop in support for anti-Israel resolutions at UN

When It’s Hard

A video of Hima Kolanagireddy, a poll challenger, testifying at a Michigan Hearing yesterday can be seen here at the 1 56 mark.

A video of her and others being called liars can be seen here.

רבקה הצדיקה : אנחנו בזמן בעיתה אחישנה. תהליך הגאולה מתחיל

27 Nov 2020


Shomrim Shows Appreciation For Baltimore Police

What a contrast between some people's ideas of how police should be treated and how Shomrim treat police. Years ago, I was at the Israeli Day Parade and I thanked a policeman for protecting us. He said that they are there to protect at all the major parades, but there is never a Policeman Day Parade to show appreciation for them.

Obama Praises Israel-hating Anti-Semitic Pastor as ‘Supremely Gifted Preacher’

Hillel Neuer tweets
Did you know that over the next month the UK is preparing to condemn or single out Israel 14 times at the UN General Assembly?

That’s 14 times more than the UK will condemn Syria, Iran or North Korea.

23 Nov 2020

20 Nov 2020

Loss of Vision

Parshas Toldos - Loss Of Sight, Not Of Vision

Top contender for Biden’s press secretary is an Israelophobe

The Trump legal team press conference has been reported upon by myriad news outlets.

CNN has an article titled Fact checking Giuliani and the Trump legal team's wild, fact-free press conference

During the conference, Guiliani displayed a signed affidavit of a woman from Detroit.

Guiliani stated, "She was assigned to voting duties in September and she was trained by the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. She was basically trained to cheat. She said that "I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than when they were actually sent in. The supervisor made that announcement for all workers to engage in that fraudulent practice."

So, since CNN labeled this a fact free conference, then are we to assume the woman had nothing better to do than to sign a sworn affidavit? But, we don;t hear about that in the CNN article, only selective reporting.

15 Nov 2020

Under Fire

Below are two comments posted under an INN article titled CNN host under fire after comparing Kristallnacht to Trump

"It is not just her that must be fired. If you watch the clip you will see that it wasn't an off-the-cuff remark. It was scripted and produced with accompanying video. Other people would have seen and OKed this before it went on air."

"CNN is owned by AT&T, so my advice to anyone who is using AT&T is to contact them and let them know they will no longer be using their services if this “woman” isn’t fired immediately."

Last night I posted a video in which Rabbi Ben Zion Klatzko's sister asks for financial help for her brother to help him rebuild his house which suffered a fire a few weeks ago. The house was used for hachnosat orchim, and introducing people to the beauty of Shabbat, as well as their prospective partners in marriage. It is not the first time the family went through a fire in their house and the Rabbi details the experience in an extaordinary recounting in the second video below.

14 Nov 2020

Giving Back

Below are some comments posted under a youtube video which shows Christiane Amanpour comparing President Trump's policies with the horrors of Kristallnacht.

"Leftist Christiane Amanpour makes new lows for CNN (if thats possible) with a faulty analogy & an insult to not only Jewish people & those who suffered the holocaust but insulting whatever level of intelligence is left of her audience."

"This is so completely repulsive. To compare Trump to the horror and brutality of Nazi Germany is irresponsible, inflammatory, ahistorical... completely unacceptable."

Click here to watch the video.

Twitter Puts Warning Label on Nikki Haley’s Tweet But Lets Ayatollah Slide

אל תאמינו היום: לא ברפואה, לא בבנקים, לא לראש העיר, לא אף אחד, ולא בשום דבר

עקב תוצאות הבחירות בארה"ב והחשש מסגר שלישי בחנוכה

3 Nov 2020

Techiyat Hameitim

High school journalists uncover Hitler quotes in Kentucky police training materials

Ballot Shenanigans: Broward County Dead Democrat Voters Edition!

Yale Professor Says Hitler Improved Lives of His Followers, Unlike Trump

סגולה להינצל מהמגפה

Below is a video in which David Letterman accompanies a couple of tourits around New York in the 1980s. He takes them to the Trunp Towers and Donald Trump welcoes them into his office. At the 3:54 minute mark, you can clearly see a wall hanging with the words Eitz Chayimp rominently displayed under a symbol of the 10 commandments.

27 Oct 2020

Under the Influence

Europe's Jewish population has dropped 60% in last 50 years

To describe Yaakov's departure from Be'er Sheva the Torah uses the word VaYetzei. Rashi famously comments that a tzaddik's departure makes and impact as he takes with him the beauty, glory, and luster of the place. When Avrohom left his father's house it says "Lech Licha", why did it not say VaYeitzei?

The Chassam Sofer answers that Yaakov left a city steeped in Torah and Yiras Shamayim that were the hallmarks of all those that came far and wide to be under the influence of Avrohom and Yitzchok. These good people appreciated Yaakov and therefore his departure was a blow to the entire atmosphere of the city. However when Avrohom left his city, it was almost entirely under the influence of Nimrod and his heretical beliefs. Avrohom was a pariah. Therefore his leaving did not impact anyone in the city. In fact they were quite happy to see him go.


The Wine Mix Up

$2000 Bottle of Wine Mix-Up

How a man I never met changed my life

1 Oct 2020

WIth Us

He is With Us

Major Torah leaders: Keep coronavirus directives on Sukkot

A Letter of Support

Canary Mission has a video about Jewish Voice for Peace wrting a letter of support for Dr. Walid Khass, a man who posted anti-Semitic tweets. The video is over here, but if you don;t want to see the foul language in his tweets, just watch up to the 27 second mark.

In a Press Statement titled JVP DENOUNCES ZOOM, FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE FOR CENSORING PALESTINIANS, the organization calls Leila Khaled a "Palestinian resistance icon."

“Bochur to Bochur”: Our Bochurim Are Struggling. What Are We Doing?