"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

31 Jan 2016

The extra word

Meretz removes call to boycott Kosher restaurant

The Chosen The Open Orthodoxy Rabbinical Schools - H/T Yeranen Yaakov

"Im Aneh Si'aneh Oisoi Ki Im Tza'ok Yitz'ak Eilai Shamoa Eshma Tza'akosoi. V'Chara Api...; If you do mistreat him [them], when he cries out to Me, I will indeed hear his cry. My anger will rage... "(Mishpatim 22:22). The Vilna Gaon asks, "Why does it say, 'Ki Im Tzaok; Because if he screams?' The word Ki is extra."

Chazal tell us (Bava Basra 16:1) that Penina would make Chana feel bad about not having children to inspire her to daven more. It was all L'Shem Shamayim. Nevertheless, she was punished and all her children died.

The Vilna Gaon says that we see this in the pasuk. "Im Aneh Si'aneh Oisoi; If you pain people. Ki Im Tza'ok Yitz'ak Eilai; for the sole purpose of pushing them to cry out to me," even L'Shem Shamayim. "Shamoa Eshma Tza'akosoi; I will indeed heed their cries." But, "V'Chara Api; My anger will rage," and you, with all your good intentions, will pay a very high price.

In a January 29th briefing, State Department Spokesperson John Kirby stated, "As the White House has previously stated, Secretary Clinton and the President did on occasion exchange emails. As they have also said previously, such presidential records shall remain confidential to protect the President’s ability to receive unvarnished advice and counsel but will ultimately be released in accordance with the Presidential Records Act. I can confirm that 18 emails comprised of eight distinct email chains between former Secretary Clinton and President Obama are being withheld in full from the State Department’s FOIA production today of these emails of Secretary – former Secretary Clinton’s emails."

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante interviewed President Obama about the emails last year and it can be viewed here.

Mr. President, when did you first learn that HIllary Clinton used an email system outside the U.S. government for official business while she was Secretary of State?

At the same time everyone else learned it - thorough news reports. ... The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency and that is why my emails - the blackberry that I carry around, all tose records are available and archived and I'm glad that Hillary has instructed that those emails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed.

You said you have the most transparent administration ever. You said it again just a couple of weeks ago. It's true.

How does this square with that?

30 Jan 2016

In unity

The International New York TImes enjoyed a pick on Israel weekend with offerings such as Roger Cohen advising, "Close American tax loopholes that benefit settlers. Label West-Bank products so that consumers can make informed decisions. Pressure businesses, as Human Rights Watch puts it, to 'comply with their own human rights responsibilities by ceasing settlement-related activities.'” http://www.deccanherald.com/content/525944/israels-image-issue-frustrated-us.html
The article also mention, "Palestinian leaders also have a responsibility to curb that hate — to cease incitement, hold elections, overcome divisions and abandon their sterile retreat into victimhood," but there is no mention of putting pressure on anyone to achieve those goals.

A January 29th on-line article titled Israel, Mired in Ideological Battles, Fights on Cultural Fronts uses the accolade "beloved" leftists whereas a conservative is labeled "divisive."

For me, it was ironic that on the day we read about the giving of the Torah and how the Jews encamped in unity as "one man with one heart," the print edition of the International New York Times published the headline of the above article, as "Cultural Wars Heat Up as Israel Grows More Divided."

27 Jan 2016

The other side

New York Times Admits Israel Reporter Only Relied on Palestinian Accounts for Jerusalem Story

A September 14th article titled Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem with Diaa Hadid's byline was appended twice with corrections.

Apparently, just as U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon talked about Palestinian saying, "it is human nature to resist the occupation," the New York Times article talks about Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as well.

Palestinians frequently argue that rocks and crude incendiary devices are among their only weapons to press for independence, and to defend themselves against Israeli forces during confrontations. For some young Palestinians in areas where there are frequent tensions, their use has become a rite of passage.

26 Jan 2016

A request

A Personal Request from a Widow, Addressed to Klal Yisroel (Yes, You Specifically!)

Op-Ed: See PA textbook incitement for yourself - funded by the US taxpayer

הרב שטיינמן: חילוני הוא תינוק שנשבה
Hillel Neuer of U.N. Watch responds to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's remarks regarding Palestinian attacks on Israelis.
Today you spoke of Palestinian attacks on Israelis and you said "it is human nature to resist the occupation."
No; It was not human nature for Palestinians, in the past week alone, to stab to death Dafna Meir, a mother of six children, outside her home; to stab Michal Froman, a pregnant woman; or to stab Shlomit Krigman, a 23-year-old university graduate who just died today from her wounds. https://www.facebook.com/unwatch/photos/a.10150106089111561.280686.102912096560/10153243625741561/?type=3

The terror attack in Beit Horon, where the late Shlomit Krigman was murdered Monday and Adina Cohen was injured, ended with the termination of the Arab terrorists by Akhsan Kherev, a Druze security guard who arrived on the scene.
...One of the terrorists threw at me three or four pipe bombs that didn’t explode. Both of them attacked me with knives, so I eliminated them.
Read more: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/druse-guard-terrorists-threw-pipe-bombs-at-me-so-i-killed-them/2016/01/26/
The above Jewish Press excerpt might need to be re-written by Ban Ki-moon.
The human nature attack (due to Palestinian frustration growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process)  in Beit Horon, (part of the settlement enterprise which is an affront to the Palestinian people) where the late Shlomit Krigman was murdered Monday and Adina Cohen was injured, ended with the termination of the Arab young people (who were driven by a  profound sense of alienation and despair) by Akhsan Kherev, a Druze security guard who arrived on the scene.
...One of the young people who was driven by a  profound sense of alienation and despair threw at me three or four pipe bombs that didn’t explode. Both of them attacked me with knives, so I eliminated them.

Orlando Jewish school not alone in Tuesday bomb threat

A Hamas tunnel collapsed on Tuesday night in the al-Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City, Palestinian Authority-based media reported.

Anywhere from six to 11 people were killed in the incident, according to the reports, and their bodies were taken to the local Shifa Hospital.
Read more: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/207092#.Vqf1eMZwXIU

Unlikely help

Parshas Yisro - Make our Mitzvos Count!!

Tov V'Chesed charity - donate now!

R. Hanina said: The Son of David will not come until a fish is sought for an invalid and cannot be procured,...

Fifth Sperm Whale Washes Up Near Skegness

'She had such a good heart, I'm in complete shock'

Why do people put on differing amounts of weight?

3 Jews on the American Airlines flight diverted to the most eastern city in North America found unlikely help on the ground.

25 Jan 2016

Honoring parents

4 words uttered by a shy great-uncle has taught Rabbi Manis Friedman a powerful lesson about honoring your parents.

Clip: Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz: “We’re so Judgmental”

Synagogue Mishloach Manot Initiative Utilizes Israeli-Made Products to Counter Anti-Israel BDS Movement

"One shall not covet your fellow's wife, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox, his donkey nor all that belongs to your fellow man" (v'chol asher l'rei-echa). One may ask, after the Torah spells out that the prohibition of coveting applies to a neighbor's wife, and male servants and female servants, his oxen, his cows, his donkeys -- what is the summation "and all that belongs to your fellow-man," really adding?

The Meforshim explain, "It is coming to teach us how to prevent jealousy towards a friend." One might look at a neighbor's wife and see how wonderful she is. One might look at his house and see how well he lives. One can look at his job and his children and think, "This guy really has it made!"

The Torah is telling us to consider, "Kol asher l'rei-echa -- Look at the whole picture." Everyone has his or her own 'Pekeleh' of problems in life. No one's life is perfect. As apparent as it may seem that this person has it 'made', we do not know the whole story. We can never know for certain. It is always necessary to take into account, "Kol asher l'rei-echa," --all that is doing with your neighbor.

Many times, when we learn about, "all that is doing with our neighbor," we will not want to trade places.

Lost kalla's ring was found

Good news - The ring was found! - מהזבל לכלה: הטבעת האבודה נמצאה

Hillary Clinton was asked in an interview about secret emails. Weasel Zippers has a transcript which includes her stating, "I never sent or received any material marked 'Classified.'"

Pretty incredible that in her time of Secretary of State, she never sent or received material marked "Classified." What was she busy doing on her server? Trading apple pie recipes? Certainly not the recipe for Coca Cola because that would probably be marked, "Top Secret." Actually, perhaps she received correspondence marked, "Top Secret." That's not the same as "Classified."

French pro-Palestinian Jew: Kippa signals ‘allegiance to Israeli policies’

ט"ו בשבט: סגולות, מנהגים והלכות

Krias Yam Suf

24 Jan 2016

The iniquity of the son

The headline of an article published at the Times of Israel a couple of days ago caught my eye.

Father of alleged Otniel killer: ‘Why should I be punished for what he did?’

A comment posted under the artcle referred readers to a verse in Yechezkel 18:20

20.The soul that sins, it shall die; a son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, and a father shall not bear the iniquity of the son; the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.

I was puzzled by the seeming disparity with part of a verse found in this week's parsha of Yitro(20:5) in which G-d is described to as, "Who visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons, upon the third and the fourth generation of those who hate Me."

An elucidating writing about the topic can be found in Hebrew over here.

Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email

This week's parsha of Yitro relates the giving of the Torah to the people of Israel. Below is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe said about Torah study.

Winter and Tu B'Shavat

Rabbi Ken Spiro - 7 Wonders of Jewish History

State Dept. to postpone Clinton email release until after Iowa and NH primaries, blames snow

A Danish city has ordered pork to be mandatory on municipal menus, including for schools and daycare centers, with politicians insisting the move is necessary for preserving the country’s food traditions and is not an attack on Muslims.
Continue reading: http://www.weaselzippers.us/252615-danish-city-makes-pork-mandatory-on-municipal-menus-including-for-schools-and-daycare-centers/

Jewish community digs out NY fire truck

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar—celebrated this year on Monday, January 25, 2016—is the day that marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees. This is the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle. http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/3264/jewish/15-Shevat.htm

23 Jan 2016

Biz hundert un tsvantsik - ad me'ah v'esrim

Guinness confirms Israeli Holocaust survivor, 112, may be world’s oldest man

Two 13-year-olds

13-Year-Old Israeli Girl Develops Satellite System for Producing Oxygen in Space

A 13-year-old female Arab terrorist on Saturday ran at the entrance gate to Anatot, a town in the Binyamin region of Samaria, with a drawn knife in her hand.
Continue reading: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/206890#.VqPB7fnhDIU

Leading members of Congress are ripping IRS officials for erasing a computer hard drive after a federal judge ordered it to be preserved.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/22/chaffetz-and-jordan-erupt-after-irs-erases-another-hard-drive/

Rashi tells us that Yisro had 7 names. One was ‘Yeser' - because he "added" a parsha to the Torah, by giving Moshe advice to take help when judging Klal Yisroel. Rashi says that the parsha he added was "ViAtah Sechezeh' - and you shall seek out from the people judges who are wealthy, G-d fearing, etc.

The Gerer Rebbe asks, isn't it odd that Rashi quotes a pasuk from the middle of the story? These are not the first words of the dialogue between Yisro and Moshe. Rashi should have quoted the earlier words of Yisro (pasuk 17) - "Lo Tov HaDavar Asher Atah Oseh" - ‘It is not correct what you are doing by judging alone." Why did Rashi quote verse 21?

The Rebbe answers, it's easy to be critical about what someone else is doing. "You are doing it wrong!" I can do it better!" If one wants to give constructive criticism, he should offer a better way. By just saying, "what you're doing is wrong!" is not sufficient. Show the other person a better way how to do it. This is why Rashi does not quote the opening words of Yisro, "Lo Tov HaDavar Asher Atah Oseh"; since that would just be a standard criticism. Rashi wants to stress that Yisro criticized and offered wholesome advice. That is why he was called "Yeser'. He added the parsha in the Torah of "ViAtah Sechezeh', which are the words of his advice to Moshe. http://www.thejewisheye.com/rev_pyisro.html

20 Jan 2016

Castigating the Israeli government

Journalist Matt Lee questions State Department Spokesperson John Kirby about Ambassador Shapiro's remarks regarding Israel.

QUESTION: Why – in a particularly difficult moment or a sensitive moment like yesterday was in the wake of the Iran deals, the sanctions on Iran getting lifted, something that clearly was opposed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government, was it – in retrospect, was it wise to send Ambassador Shapiro out to give a speech castigating the Israeli Government on issues, and not making really any new points about your opposition to their activities in the West Bank?

MR KIRBY: Yeah, there’s really nothing new there.

QUESTION: Well, exactly. But why --

MR KIRBY: Well, this was --

QUESTION: You’re trying to heal the relationship with – that – with Israel, not exacerbate it. Not exacerbate the problems, I assume, right? So why have your ambassador go out and basically trash the Israelis for stuff that they already know you don’t like?

Mr. Kirby was also asked about the EU labeleing of settlement products. He responded, "We do not view labeling the origin of products as being from the settlements a boycott of Israel. We also do not believe that labeling the origin of products is equivalent to a boycott."

Murderer’s Father Changes Story 3X: First “Proud of murderous son” to “I’m a Victim” to “Boy is Innocent”

Michael Becker opines about the snail's pace of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi hearings.

Really Trey? Really? You’ve been in Washington how long? And you missed the fact that the “mainstream media” are member members of the DNC with bylines?

18 Jan 2016

Parshas Ha’mon

Tuesday: Reb Mendel M’Riminov’s Segulah for Parnassah; Parshas Ha’mon

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes: Hagaon Rav Refoel Shmuelevitz Zatzal, One of the Roshei Yeshivah of the Mir Yerushalayim

Hostile environment

Oberlin College Alums: Anti-Israel fanaticism creating hostile environment for Jews

France might not have any Jews in the future – and here's why

An article about 6-year-old Chaim Kraus, who lost his life in a car accident this weekend, offers a glimpse into his special character.

“Chaim was the sweetest little boy,” said Mrs. Teitelbaum, whose son was a classmate of Chaim’s. “He was very gentle and played with everybody. Older boys who came to the classroom today were looking at his picture on the mitzvah chart and they commented that he had the most mitzvah notes. His section was completely covered.”

Israel-bashing FM Wallstrom seen ‘becoming a problem’ for Sweden

And in December, she called on Israel to halt what she called “extrajudicial executions” in response to attacks by knife-wielding Palestinians, following up with a demand the next month for “thorough” investigations into the killing of Palestinians by the Israeli army. http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-bashing-fm-wallstrom-seen-becoming-a-problem-for-sweden/

In the wake of the stabbing death of Dafna Meir, has Margot Wallstrom called for a halt to extrajudicial executions by Palestinians or a thorough investigation of the killing of Israelis by Palestinians?
Let's start the scorecard from the death of Dafna Meir - One Israeli killed - Zero Palestinians. Would the UN agree that this is disproportonate violence? What would the world view as proportionate justice?
If the attacker is found and shot to death, then is the score even? Wouldn't there be an outcry to the extrajudicial killing by the Israeli army? Absolutely. The world would expect that if the attacker were caught, he would be sentenced to three meals a day and free medical care, at Israëli taxpayer ecpense, until such time as a goodwill gesture is forced upon Israel and the attacker should then be released.

The secret of happiness? Learning to love being stuck in a rut

17 Jan 2016

Used numbers

Fighting The Hate: When Does Anti-Israel Become Anti-Semitic?

Student Killed in Honduras Crash Remembered for a Life of Volunteering

Powerball: $2M winner used numbers off someone else's ticket

After Krias Yam Suf the Bnei Yisroel arrived in Mara and had no water to drink because the water there was bitter. Hashem told Moshe to throw in a bitter tree and the water became sweet. After this incident the pasuk recaps and says "Sham Sam Lo Chok UMishpat VSham Nisahu"; in Mara Hashem gave them mitzvos and tested them. Why was it so important to test them?

The Netziv explains that the Torah is teaching us a valuable lesson for all generations about Bitachon and earning a living. Sometimes a person's finances come down to the last penny and it looks like he will have nothing to eat. The future looks bleak and there is no help in sight. Even then a person must be confident in Hashem that he will provide a way to support him. Hashem is "Kol Yachol" and His salvation can be provided from the most unexpected sources. Just like the bitter tree was the least expected solution to cure bitter water so too Hashem can bring your fortune from what appears to be the exact opposite, so don't ever lose hope. Hang tough, it is all just a test! http://www.thejewisheye.com/rev_pbeshalach.html

15 Jan 2016

The Israelis - you mean the Iranians

Parshas Bo - Shovavim Tat

The Tragic Death of Daniella Moffson — an 'Example for Everyone'

A reporter made the mistake of substituting the word "Iranians" for "Israelis." Was that a Freudian slip?

QUESTION: And then this latest incident. So the issue is not whether or not there is this dialogue or this channel of communication has opened up and whether that that’s potentially or good or played a very helpful role in securing these guys’ release. The question is the pattern of behavior by the Israelis. And when you say that --

MR KIRBY: You mean the Iranians.

QUESTION: I mean – sorry. Sorry, the Iranians, yes.

MR KIRBY: If I had said that – (laughter).

QUESTION: Yes, if you had said that, there would have been – there would have been – (laughter).

MR KIRBY: Oh, boy, the flags have been flying.

QUESTION: There would have been hell to pay, yes. There might even be hell to pay for me for saying that. So, sorry, let me just make it clear. The question is -- ...

Additionally, the briefing opened up with laughter after the following dialogue.

MR KIRBY: Hello.

QUESTION: I assume you’re here only because you didn’t win the lottery last night.

MR KIRBY: (Laughter.) Yes, that is exactly right.

QUESTION: That goes for the rest of us.

MR KIRBY: I didn’t even come close. I assume that’s the same – yeah, could say the same for all of you.

This Marine Has the Same Brain Cancer as Brittany Maynard, But His Response is Priceless

Below are some points made during the Republican debate.

Rubio - On the issue of Barack Obama, Barack Obama does not believe that America is a great global power. Barack Obama believes that America is a arrogant global power that needs to be cut down to size. And that's how you get a foreign policy where we cut deals with our enemies like Iran and we betray our allies like Israel and we gut our military and we go around the world like he has done on 10 separate occasions and apologized for America.

He doesn't understand the threat in ISIS. He consistently underestimates it but I do not.

Cruz - And I recognize -- I recognize that Donald is dismayed that his poll numbers are falling in Iowa. But the facts and the law here are really quite clear. Under longstanding U.S. law, the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a natural-born citizen.

As Cruz defines what he believes is a natural-born cirtizen, wouoldn't it make sense for the Supreme Court to rule on what the founding fathers meant and who is constitutionally eligible?

Cruz’s ‘Natural-Born Citizen’ Status Tested in Brther Suit

Why Ted Cruz is ineligible

Yesterday I linked to a post in Hebrew about why Rav Ovadiah Yosef's first shidduch was called off. According to the article, the Rav wasn't interested in going to movies with his fiancee, citing bitul Torah and seeing immodest images. Years later the woman apporached him and told him that it was fortunate that they hadn't married because she was unable to bear children.
Going to movies or being the father of many children - What would you choose?

1.Adina Bar-Shalom, (b. 1946 ) is the founder of the first academic college for Haredi women in Jerusalem and she studied design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, both with the approval of her father. She is married to Rabbi Ezra Bar-Shalom, former Chaver Beth Din of the Upper Beit Din of Israel.
2.Ya'akov Yosef, ( 1947 - 2013 ) was an Israeli rabbi and former politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Shas between 1984 and 1988. He is the father of Yonatan Yosef.
3.Malca Sasson - nursery teacher for over thirty years.
4.Avraham Yosef, (b. 1949 ) is the Chief Rabbi of Holon, Israel and is a Sephardi representative on the Chief Rabbinate Council (Moetzet Harabbanut Harashit)
5.Yafa Cohen
6.Yitzhak Yosef, (b. 1952 ) is the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, also known as the Rishon LeZion, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Hazon Ovadia, and the author of a popular set of books on Jewish law called Yalkut Yosef.
7.Rivka Chikotai, twin sister of Sara, is married to Ya'akov Chikotai, one of the Chief Rabbis of Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut.
8.Sara Toledano, twin sister of Rivka, is an artist and married to Mordechai Toledano, and Head of the Yabiya Omer Beit Midrash as well as an Av Beit Din in Jerusalem.
9.David Yosef, (b. 1960 ) married to Sofia, is the head of the Yachveh Da'at Kollel, the chief neighbourhood rabbi of Har Nof, and creditted with introducing his best friend Aryeh Deri to his father. He was appointed to Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah after his father died.[26]
10.Leah Butbul
11.Moshe Yosef (rabbi), (b. 1966 ) married to Yehudit and both lived and cared for Yosef in his apartment. Moshe is the head of the Badatz Beit Yosef kashrut agency, and the head of the Maor Yisrael talmud torah which also publishes the works of his father.

14 Jan 2016

The Holocaust survivor's funeral

Holocaust Survivor Died Alone With Nobody to Attend Her Memorial. Then Some Local Police Officers Decided to Do Something About It.

?מדוע התבטל שידוכו הראשון של מרן

Torah Wellsprings - Parshat Bo - fabulous insights into emunah and the parsha.

Emuna daily lesson

Jewish immigration to Israel from western Europe hits an all-time high following rise in anti-Semitic attacks

TV Host Welcomes Favorite Rabbi

Kadesh Li Kol Bechor

The other day I posted, "Rav Moshe Leib Sassov says that if a person wants to make sure his day is one filled with Avodas Hashem and avoid aveiros, he should try to make sure his first deed is a good one. Since Mitzva Goreres Mitzva, once you have the first mitzva under your belt, the law of this mishna says that it should continue, as you are already propelled in the right direction. This is Mirumaz in the pasuk (Bo 13:2), "Kadesh Li Kol Bichor", the first action should be designated for Hashem."

Yesterday I went to a Tehilim shiur in which the rabbi reiterated the theme of doing something holy when you get up in the morning. He said that our prayers would be so much more meaningful if davening was the first thing in which we engaged when we woke up, rather than turning on the computer, checking what's doing in the world, our stocks, etc...

So, instead of reaching for the mouse, let's reach for the Tefilin and siddurs, and pray with concentration to Hashem without distractions.. - "Kadesh Li Kol Bichor."

Parshas Bo - The Mountain Climber

ומה אומר הרב כהנא על קורבן הפסח

Attkisson: ‘Overwhelming Body of Evidence’ Benghazi Rescue Teams Turned Back

The last one

Following his statement marking the first anniversary of a series of deadly Islamist attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Paris kosher supermarket, Secretary of State John Kerry is being criticized for what he left out: any mention of the actual attack on the French Jewish supermarket.
Continue reading: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/01/13/john-kerry-raises-eyebrows-with-troubling-omission-of-key-detail-from-charlie-hebdo-terror-attack-anniversary-statement/

A Priest once came to the Rashba and asked him, "How can the Jews say that there will be a 3rd Bais HaMikdash, the pasuk clearly states in Chagai (2:9) - "Gadol Yihyeh Kavod HaBayis HaZeh HaAcharon Min HaRishon" - "Greater will be the honor of the last Bais HaMikdash more than the first". The pasuk is referring to the 2nd Bais HaMikdash and refers to it as Acharon - the last one. This is a proof, said the priest, that there will not be a 3rd Temple. The Rashba answered, the word Acharon - the last one - can be a relative term. "Last" does not necessarily mean that there is nothing following it; rather it could mean "Last" in the sense that it is after the previous one.

We find this in the pasuk in Parshas Shmos. Hashem told Moshe to do 3 signs before Klal Yisroel in order that they should believe him that he was sent by Hashem. 1) Change the stick to a snake. 2) His hand became white like snow 3) He threw the water on the ground and it became blood. The pasuk there says, "ViHayah Im Lo Yaaminu LiKol HaOs HaRishon, YaaMinu LiKol HaOs HaAcharon" - "If they don't believe the first sign (the snake), they will surely believe the last one. (Tzaraas)" The pasuk when stating the word ‘Last' is referring to the sign of Moshe's hand becoming white like snow. This was actually the 2nd sign and still the Torah calls it the "Last". The Rashba said, this proves that something can be called last even if there will be something after it.

Sefer Yalkut Gershuni says that there is an allusion to this in the pasuk in Parshas Bo. The pasuk says, "ViHaya HaDam Lachem LiOs Al HaBatim" - The simple meaning is, and you shall take the blood of the Korbon Pesach and place it on the doorposts and lintels of your houses. "And the blood will be for you as a sign on your homes and Hashem will skip over theses homes by Makas Bechoros." Yalkut Gershuni explains, "ViHaya HaDam" - The blood which was the last Ois even though the snow white hand was called Acharon before it, "Lachem LiOs Al HaBatim" - will be a sign for the Bais HaMikdash, although in Chagai the 2nd Bais HaMikdash was called Acharon, there still will be a third following it.

13 Jan 2016

The state of things

Ted Cruz Best Response: Obama’s Speech Was Less SOTU, More State Of Denial…

Oorah: 100 People Pledged a Million Dollars to Oorah, Should they Win the Powerball

John Hinderaker writes about the New York Times' war on the Koch brothers. Someone posted a comment under the article, "NY Times made Hitler the Man of the Year in 1938."
Actually it was Time Magazine and their reasoning can be found here.

This Day, January 13, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Israeli leftists allegedly 'plotted soccer ban on Israel'


The invitees

Video: A Mussar Schmooze from the Janitor

Yeshivos Aren't Only for Lamdanim

Weasel Zippers posts about invitees to the State of the Union Address this evening.

Reps. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.) and Alcee Hastings (Fla.) are each hosting representatives from CAIR chapters in their respective states, the group announced that evening.
Lofgren is bringing Sameena Usman, a government relations coordinator in CAIR’s San Francisco office. Nezar Hamze, the chief operating officer of its Florida branch, is appearing by Hastings side. http://www.weaselzippers.us/250369-awesome-ben-carson-slams-dems-for-inviting-clearly-not-pro-american-cair-officials-to-sotu-address/

On his Facebook page, Mr. Hamze linked to a CBS broadcast and posted this comment..

Israel says Islamic terrorist are driving the Christian Palestinians out of the West Bank, The Christian Palestinians laugh and clearly say, " It is Israel's occupation that is driving the Christians out of their land.

A 2012 article at the Sun Sentinel also quotes Mr. Hamze.

Jewish leaders voiced their dissatisfaction late last week with Florida Atlantic University’s response to the campus group Students For Justice in Palestine posting fake eviction notices on the dorm room doors of more than 200 students late last month.

“What we want is for the university to call this by name. This group SJP did put out a message that was anti-Semitic in nature,” said Joseph M. Sabag, executive director of the Zionist Organization of America’s Florida region.

...In a statement sent to the Jewish Journal, Nezar Hamze, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s South Florida office, said he was “encouraged that University officials have confirmed the fake eviction notices were not intended to target or intimidate individuals of any particular religion, national origin or faith.”
Read more: http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2012-04-13/florida-jewish-journal/sfl-jewish-leaders-slam-fau-response-20120413_1_eviction-notices-semitic-jewish-leaders

12 Jan 2016

The secret plan

Clinton Considered Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests

On Friday the U.S. State Department condemned Israel for allowing people to build houses on land on the western side of the Jordan River. The land was legally purchased in 2009 by Dr. Irving & Cherna Moskowitz from US Presbyterian Church. Well actually it wasn’t that actually the building of houses that the Obama administration objected to. If it were intended to house Christians or Muslims they wouldn’t have objected. As it is with so many other things, the Obama administration objected to the fact that Jews were going to live in those buildings.
Read more: http://lidblog.com/the-obama-administrations-anti-semitism-is-showing-again/#

Exclusive: CAIR Caught In Lie About Philly Shooter’s Attendance At Mosque

The Next Big Thing? ‘Fat Studies’ Courses, Fat Awareness Groups Spread Across Universities

"הדקור ל'בחדרי': "ניצלתי בנס
Scrolling through the photos at the end of the article about Binyamlen Amselem, who was attacked in Marseille by a young man wielding a machete, I noticed a sefer that has been bloodied as a result of the attack. It was a sefer titled  Vezot Haberacha which relates hilchot birchat hanehenin.
I later found a very nice compilation of the concept and practice of brachot over here. Perhaps you might wish to learn it in gratitude for Rabbi Amsalem's miracle of survival.

Parashat Bo: The Meaning Of Tefillin

11 Jan 2016

The cop who prayed

Don't you love the screen capture of a page at the Haaretz website reporting "Arson Suspected in Fire at B'Tselem's Office Building in Jerusalem" while simultaneously reporting "B'Tselem Office Fire Likely Caused by Electrical Failure, Fire Department Says"?

The two paragraphs below were taken from the first article. In a rush to blame arson as the cause, spelling errors abound including the "souce" and "has lead."

"Joint Arab List chairman MK Ayman Odeh said that the "souce of the fire was the incitement campaign waged against human rights organizations by the government and its leader." Joint Arab List MK Dov Khenin said that "too many signs point this evening to the suspicion of arson at the B'Tselem office," adding that if the fire was the result of an arson attack, "scary to think where the incitement against human rights organizations has lead here."
Peace Now said that "the arson at the B'Tselem office is an attempted attack that miraculously did not claim human lives, and the cabinet ministers, led by Netanyahu are responsible. The government must stop its incitement campaign against the left and order Israel Police to secure left-wing NGOs from any attempt to harm them."
Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.696625

Palestinian Authority Calls Tel Aviv Pub Killer ‘Precious Martyr Whose Pure Blood Waters Our Free Land’

Anyone know if this story is true?

MUSLIMS WEARING A YELLOW STAR IS LIKE NAZIS WEARING A YELLOW STAR  - As CAIR demands an apology from Donald Trump over the booting of a Muslim woman  from a campaign event, I would like an apology for her wearing the yellow star.

Sunday Smile: Cop Pulls Over Man, Then Prays With Him Over Why He Was Speeding

משהו קטן וטוב; משפחה של חסד


10 Jan 2016

Rosh Chodesh Shevat

This morning I went to say Tehilim, along with many other women who davened for shidduchim for the many singles on our list of those who need the zivugim  hagunim. One women made the comment, "Shevat" for "shoyn brechen teller." Another said "Shevat" stands for "shenishma besurot tovot." A third woman said "Shevat" stands for "shabchem, barchem, tahareim."
Let's hope Rosh Chodesh Shevat ushers in a time of "shenishma besurot tovot."

"הבבא לראשל"צ: "יש סימנים לביאת משיח

The activists

Media Double Standard on Activists Booted from Hillary and Trump Rallies

CNN describes Rose Hamid, the woman ejected from a Trump event as, "A Muslim woman wearing a hijab was escorted out of Donald Trump's campaign event on Friday by police after she stood up in silent protest during Trump's speech." In a CNN iinterview, she states," Because I don't want to think of them as those people. I think that's what the problem is. We look at people and categorize them as those poeple who are bad people and these people are the good people. And I believe people in all camps are decent people when you get to know them."

CNN did not make mention of the yellow star she wore which evoked the image of the yellow star worn by Jews during the Holocaust years . However, the word "Jude" was replaced with the word, "Muslim." Nor, do they mention that she writes for the Chalotte Observer and links her Facebook posts to categorizing the Israeli occupation,etc..
Incidentally, while searching for her articles, I came across a 1910 article at the Charlotte Obeserver titled, "Will Jews regain possession of Palestine?"


What CNN left out about the Muslim woman asked to leave the rally in S.C.

Breitbart has an article titled Islamic Protester Booted from Trump Rally Is Anti-Israel Activist, Promotes Radical Imams

Rose Hamid “flight attendant” president of Muslim Women of the Carolinas

9 Jan 2016

The first deed

Three arrested and bailed after Jewish shoppers targeted at retail park

Clinton email instructs aide to strip possible 'classified' heading and send document over non-secure fax

After Police Confirm Suspect Attempted to ‘Execute’ Officer in Name of Islam, Listen to What Mayor Says During Press Conference

'It's fine to hit a wife who doesn't please you': What Islamic cleric is telling students as he tours British universities unchallenged... and he's not alone

Muslim woman comparing plight of American Muslims to Holocaust ejected from Trump rally

Rav Moshe Leib Sassov says that if a person wants to make sure his day is one filled with Avodas Hashem and avoid aveiros, he should try to make sure his first deed is a good one. Since Mitzva Goreres Mitzva, once you have the first mitzva under your belt, the law of this mishna says that it should continue, as you are already propelled in the right direction. This is Mirumaz in the pasuk (Bo 13:2), "Kadesh Li Kol Bichor", the first action should be designated for Hashem. However a person may still worry that his first mitzva may not be done wholeheartedly and therefore this plan will not help. Therefore he says, have rachmanus on another Jew. Even if your intention is not pure, the mitzva will still stand tall as you have helped another Jew regardless. This is Mirumaz in the next words, "Peter Kol" to patur yourself from all worries, "Rechem" have rachmanus on a Jew.

Even with this a person may be concerned that the Jew he helped, is not worthy and therefore his mercy was misplaced and not considered a Mitzva. To this says Rav Moshe Leib, we only need to continue the next words of the Pasuk, "BaAdam U'Babiheima" whether he was a worthy man or an animal and not worthy of kindness, "Li", Hashem says, leave that to Me. You will get your S'char either way.

7 Jan 2016

Choosing wisely

Emunah Daily lesson

Rabbi Shmuel Silber on Parshas Va'eira - Choose Wisely

An international Jewish human rights organization criticized the selection of movie star Mel Gibson as a presenter at Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Sunday night, due to his antisemitic history.
Continue reading: http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/01/07/international-jewish-group-disappointed-in-choice-of-mel-gibson-as-golden-globe-awards-presenter-at-time-of-surging-antisemitism/#

State Department Reveals to TheBlaze Its Past Connection to Activist Who Made Video Promoting the Stabbing of Jews

פרשת וארא • הראשל"צ הגאון רבי שלמה עמאר עם וורט על הפרשה

מה עלינו לעשות? גדולי ישראל על גל האסונות שפוקד אותנו

Parshat Va'eirah

Torah Wellsprings - Va'eirah

"שמרתי את השבת, והשבת שמרה עלי"

Tunisian Jews slam soccer official over anti-Semitic slur

The frogs' self-sacrifice

What's The Screaming All About?

"שמרתי את השבת, והשבת שמרה עלי" - Incredible story about a man who,because of a decision to start observing Shabbos, chose not to attend a friend's birthday party and thus was saved from the attack in Tel Aviv which claimed two lives.

San Fran Jewish Community Mourns Tech Guru Slain at Vegas Convention

כשלפיד עצר טרמפ לאברך

6 Jan 2016


Routes & Roots: Trekking Through History to Strengthen Jewish Identity

North Korea says it has successfully tested a miniaturised hydrogen bomb which, if confirmed, would be its fourth nuclear test since 2006.

פ"ת המומה: בת שבע בוימל ע"ה

Clinton can't explain the difference between Democrats, socialists

5 Jan 2016

Defying the odds

הרב ברלנד: משיח יגיע במוצאי ט"ו בשבט

Israelis Put on Tefilin at Dizengoff Attack Site

VitalOne Defies the Odds, Saving Vacationer’s life with Emergency Medevac from Cuba to Miami

"Hu Aharon Umoshe" (6:26); "Hu Moshe ViAharon" (6:27) Rashi points out, that there are places where the Torah places Aharon before Moshe and there are places where it places Moshe before Aharon. This is to teach us that they are of equal significance (Shkulim Haym). The obvious question is, how can we say that Aharon was equal to Moshe? Doesn't the Torah say that there never was or will be a Navi as great as Moshe?

The Maskil L'David answers, at this point they were of equal significance. It was only after Mattan Torah where Moshe was alone for 40 days and nights with the Shechina that he elevated himself above Aharon.

R' Moshe Feinstein offers a different answer. Of course Moshe was greater than Aharon even at this point. They were of equal significance in the aspect that each one of them fulfilled his Tafkid (potential) in this world. Hashem does not look how great one is, rather if he was able to "be all that he could be". If one reaches that level, he achieved the highest level. Aharon reached that level; therefore in this sense he was as great as Moshe who also reached the level of fulfilling his total potential. This is a comforting thought for all of Klal Yisroel. We too have the potential to be as great as Moshe in this sense.

The one-sided fair and balanced approach

The Jeriusalem Post reported on Monday about the resignation of the UN special rapporteur for Palestinian rights, Makarim Wibisono, who cited Israel’s refusal to grant him a visa to travel to the West Bank as his reason for leaving the post.
“I took up this mandate with the understanding that Israel would grant me access as an impartial and objective observer,” he said.

The Jerusalem Post notes, “Israel is the only country for which the UNHRC has assigned a permanent special investigator.“

Spokesperson John Kirby was asked at the January 4th State Department briefing about the resignation. He stated, “We hope that the new Human Rights Council president will be able to appoint someone who can take a fair and balanced approach to this issue to fill out the remainder of Wibisono’s term.”

A journalist questioned Mr. Kirby as to whether he agrees with the Israeli postion that “the entire special rapporteur’s job is biased against them.”

He responded, “We remain strongly opposed to this one-sided mandate which falls under the Human Rights Council agenda item 7, the only agenda item dedicated to one country – Israel. We not only oppose this one-sided mandate, but also all HRC action taken under this item.”

A journalist pointed out to him,  “But you just said that you hope that his successor will have a more fair and balanced approach. So you do support that position.”

He replied, ‘”We’re opposed to the mandate itself, to the function itself. But we have every expectation the UN’s going to replace him, and so we want to say now at the very outset that if they’re going to do that – which we have every expectation they will – that they do it with somebody who can do it in the most fair and balanced way possible."

One is left to ascertain how a position which is fundamentally biased can be filled by an individual who will be fair and balanced.

Mr. Kirby was also asked about the installation of cameras at “the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif that were agreed to between King Abdullah and Prime Minister Netanyahu.”  When Mr. Kirby stated that Secretary Kerry would like to see it done, a suggestion was presented, “Maybe he should go himself with some cameras and string –“

At that point Mr. Kirby ended the briefing, “I got to go. Thank you very much.”

Speaking of the State Department, MEMRI has translated a video made by "Lina Allan, a Palestinian-Jordanian activist who lives in Michigan" who, wccroding to MEMRI, represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in the Jameed Festival in Jordan, according to an interview she gave to the Jordanian Roya TV.”

4 Jan 2016

Homina homina

Rashi Va'etchanan 6, 7 And you will teach them: Heb. וְשִׁנַּנְתָּם. This is an expression of sharpness, meaning that these words should be sharply impressed in your mouth, so that if a person asks you something, you will not have to hesitate about it, but you will tell him immediately. (Sifrei ; Kidd. 30a)

President Bill Clinton was asked by a reporter, "Mr. President, Donald Trump says your past is fair game. I've got to ask you,...is this fair game?"
Click on the video below to see how he responds. Oops, I mean click here to see his response.

Emuna Daily lesson.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Saturday the idea of religious neutrality is not grounded in the country’s constitutional traditions and that God has been good to the U.S. exactly because Americans honor him.
Continue reading: https://thehornnews.com/supreme-court-justice-keep-america-one-nation-under-god/

The Facebook experiment

The children of Levi

In the beginning of Parshas VaEirah the Torah tells us the children of Reuven, Shimon, and Levi. With Levi the Torah goes into great detail and then does not continue with the other Shevatim. If the whole purpose was to document Moshe and Aharon's lineage why start with Reuven?

Rav Eliezer HaGadol Ashkenazi in his classic, Maasei Hashem, says that the Torah is teaching us why Levi's descendants played a central role in Yetzias Mitzrayim and not the descendants of his older brothers. He says that Levi foresaw and felt the pain of the upcoming Tzaros and gave his children names hinting towards the galus. Gershon, that they would be strangers in a strange land; Kehos, weak and battered; Mirori, they would lead bitter lives.

This is seen in the wording of the parsha when documenting each family. By Reuven it says, "The heads of the families were..." By Shimon it says, "The children of Shimon..." By Levi it says, "These are the names of the children of Levi." It was the tears shed behind these names that not only helped save his family from being pulled into slavery, but it also made this family the worthy redeemers of the Bnei Yisrael.

It says in the last perek of Yeshaya (66:10) regarding the Binyan Bais HaMikdash, "Sisu Ita Masos Kol Hamisablim Aleha; Rejoice those who mourned over her." Those who cry most in the Galus are the ones who are zocheh to merit rejoicing in the Geula.

Chicago Airport Police Officers Directed to ‘Run And Hide’ In Event of Active Shooter

3 Jan 2016

Get out - Go to

This morning I read an article about a UCLA employee's rants against Jews on Facebook which included her comment, "Give the Palestinians back their land, go back to Poland or whatever freezer-state you’re from."

Later this afternoon, a relative showed me a post titled The Ezkera of the Divrei Yisrael which details certain happenings in the first Modzitzer Rebbe's life.

While recovering - during the winter of 1914 - he went for a ride in a carriage with two of his sons. While on the Alexanderplatz, a gentile yelled at him, "Jude gehe nach Palestina (Jew, go to Palestine)." The Rebbe was taken aback. Here, in one of the greatest cities in the world, anti-Semitism was alive and thriving!

2016 - Jew, get out of Palestine.
1914 - Jew, go to Palestine.
What's a Jew to do?


Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger: I Regret My Abortion, Not Having Kids

Life and death

The evening before he was gunned down in Tel Aviv on Friday, Alon Bakal sent his father a message on WhatsApp to tell him that he was celebrating New Year’s Eve, writing: “It’s great, it’s fun, I love life.”

Last night I linked to an article titled New company claims they'll be able to RESURRECT THE DEAD by 2045.

A reader posted a comment, "Sorry, no one, no one can resurrect the meisim - ONLY HASHEM!
Today, the arrogance is unbelievable; they make themselves into gods."

The comment reminded me of something I posted five years ago.

“Rabbi Yochanan said: ‘There are three keys in the hand of the Holy One Blessed is He that are not entrusted to an agent and they are: the key of rain, the key of childbirth and the key of revival of the dead.
In the West they said: ‘Also, the key of sustenance is not entrusted to an agent.’
… Why did Rabbi Yochanan not list this one as well? He would answer that the key of rain is the same as the key of sustenance, because the world’s sustenance is provided through rain.” (Gemara Taanit 2a)
The Hebrew word for “key” is MaPhTeiaCH and it is fascinating to note that its letters stand for the four keys mentioned in our Gemara:
• M corresponds to Matar (rain),
• P for Parnassah (sustenance),
• T for Techiyah (revival of the dead) and
• CH for CHayah (childbirth)

I tried clicking on the link I had posted for the source of what was written but the link was broken. When I googled the above words, I came upon a fascinating PDF of a compilation of divrei Torah which I thought I'd share with you. You can hopefully access it by clicking here.