"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

27 Jun 2018

Showing appreciation

Seeing the headline the other day, "TRUMP: CHRISTIANS ‘APPRECIATE’ EMBASSY MOVE MORE THAN JEWS," gave me pause to think about writing a thank you note to the President. It is easy to send the Leader of the United States an email by following the instructions here or here. Please be respectful when writing your letter of appreciation. You should get an automatic reply from the White House within a short time.


BILLER FAMILY SURVIVAL FUND: Please Help a Widow & 8 Kids Whose Lives Were Turned Upside Down

Pollak: New Democrat Heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is an Anti-Israel Radical

The Kite tweet

UN Secretary-General António Guterres Takes Down ‘Kite’ Tweet

Report: DOJ Refusing to Release Document Implicating Loretta Lynch in Rigging Clinton Email Investigation

26 Jun 2018

The Pilot Program

“To Heal the World?” The Tikkun Olam Distortion

New York City Schools to Provide Kosher Food in New Pilot Program

When the donkey opened its mouth to complaim to Bilam about the rough treatment, it says, “why did you hit me three Regalim” meaning three times. Rashi says that the donkey used the word Regalim to teach Bilam that you cannot destroy a nation that celebrates the Shalosh Regalim. Why does the donkey single out this mitzva out of all the others?

Rav Menachem Mendel of Kotzk answers that Bilam’s greatness was his ability to understand time and the significance of each moment of the day. In fact, the gemara Brachos (7a) tells us that Bilam was plotting to curse Am Yisroel during the moment of the day that Hashem gets “angry” kviyochol.

The bracha we say on Shalosh Regalim is “Mikadesh Yisroel V’HaZmanim”. Shabbos is a day that Hashem set from the being of creation. Yom Tov however, is dictated by Am Yisroel. Bais Din sets the time. The Kedusha of Yom Tov comes when Bais Din decides when Rosh Chodesh is.

Bilam’s donkey tells Bilam that he is a fool. He may know time, but Am Yisroel is above time. They are the masters of time. Why do you think with your knowledge of time you can destroy them if they themselves are above time?

20 Jun 2018

The last Jew

The last Jew of Essaouira and the exodus that changed Morocco


Secretary Pompeo's opening remarks regarding the withdrawal of the U.S. from the UNHRC, mentioned G-d twice.

"The Trump Administration is committed to protecting and promotng the G-d given dignity and freedom of every human being. Every indiviudal has rights that are inherent and viable. They are given by G-d and not by government."

Secretary Pompeo, who stood up for Israel yesterday, was someone whose nomination J Street opposed. When he was confirmed, they issued a statement, "This is a sad and dangerous day for US security and standing in the world."

9 Jun 2018

The Tefillin Finder

The Finder of Rabbi's Lost Tefillin

Criminal aspects of anri-Israel disruptions on campus

Israeli Video Portrays Medic Killed in Gaza as Tool of Hamas

Fox News and others have speculated, "Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan poised for plea deal."

Below is an excerpt from a statement put out by Awan's attorney close to a year ago.

 "The attacks on Mr. Awan and his family began as part of a frenzy of anti-Muslim bigotry in literally the heart of our democracy......Because we are confident in the integrity of the U.S. justice system, we are confident that Mr. Awan will soon be able to clear hs name and get on with his life....They will stand and fight whatever charges are presented."


4 Jun 2018

Meriting a city

Jewish aid and rescue organization at Guatemala volcano scene


"My servant Kalev, because he possessed in him a different spirit, and followed me fully, I shall bring him into the land to which he came, and his children will cast [its inhabitants] from it." Kalev merited receiving the city of Chevron because he did not listen to the plan of the Meraglim. Why was Kalev singled out for reward and not Yehoshua who also did not listen to the Meraglim? The Panayach Raza answers that Yehoshua had help in fighting against the Meraglim. Yehoshua was armed with Tefillah of Moshe who davened for him, "Koh Yoshiacha MayAtzas Meraglim" - "Hashem should help you against the plan of the Meraglim". However, Moshe did not daven for Kalev, therefore Kalev, who fought them on his own, merited receiving the city of Chevron.

The Ibn Ezra answers, since it was Kalev who silenced the Meraglim (as the pasuk says, "Vayahas Kalev"), he was the one to receive this gift from Hashem.

Recurring tragedy

Woman’s March Founder Tamika Mallory: Israel’s Creation A Human Rights Crime

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza - A “simple” solution

Yet, even as the specter of recurring tragedy looms ever closer, the discourse (even—indeed especially—in Israel) on how to avoid “another round of violence” remained mired in a rehashed potpourri of previously disproven formulae—which ranged from the patently puerile to the positively preposterous; and from the blatantly inane to the borderline insane. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/22243

"תחבקו ילדים שעזבו. אתם ההורים - לא קציני הדת שלהם"

2 Jun 2018

25 minutes

Michael Chabon delivers jihad speech for Hebrew Union College

His speech is on YouTube where he can be heard saying, "the whole Exodus story is just a bunch of baloney." One comment posted under the video included, 'I think it is nerve for someone not living in Israel to say “take down the checkpoints.” I invite him and his family to live here at this time under his proposed conditions.'

Trial Date Set in Case Accusing San Francisco State University of Discriminating Against Jewish Students

Below are excerpts taken from an October 17th Times of Israel article.

The High Court of Justice ruled Sunday that ongoing weekly demonstrations held outside the attorney general’s home over the handling of corruption probes into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do not require a police permit and can go ahead with no limitations on the number of participants.

The incoming Supreme Court president, Justice Esther Hayut, ruled that criticism of the state and public figures was “the lifeblood of democracy” and that no one was immune from criticism, including judges and the attorney general.

In Sunday’s ruling, Judge Hayat did allow police to take measures ensuring that the protests did not offend the religious sensibilities of Sabbath-observant neighborhood residents...

Tonight's protest began at least 25 minutes before the end of Sabbath, thus offending the sensibilities of Sabbath-observant neighborhood residents. What was so important about the protest that it had to begin before the end of the Sabbath and couldn't be pushed off for 25 minutes?