"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

29 Apr 2013

Counting the years

The Torah tells us (Behar 25:8) to count the years, then to count each seven years for Shmita, then to multiply it get to forty nine for Yovel. Why all these calculations?

The Dubno Magid explains with a Mashal. There was a poor beggar who spent many years collecting money from door to door. Later in life he managed to escape his plight and become a regular Ba'al HaBayis in a small town. In this town he bragged to the other townspeople how wealthy he was despite being a man of meager means. "Fool!" said one his neighbors to him. "All the years you were a beggar you counted your money in pennies. Even now that you earn a meager living, you are still counting your wealth in pennies and are proud of your thousands upon thousands of pennies. However if you count your money in the larger denominations that normal people use, you have but a few gold coins which does not make you rich."

Our life in this world is fleeting, says the Dubno Magid. We are here today and gone tomorrow. However we mistakenly measure our life in years, days and hours, and we think we've been here forever and will continue to be here for a very long time. Not so says the Torah. Count Shmita and Yovel. You will see from seven years you have one shmitta. You'll only be here for a few shmittos, and probably not even two Yovlos. Think of it that way and you will be less concerned with your temporary dwelling and more concerned with your permanent one. Then, instead of collecting trivial events worth mere pennies, you will instead focus on collecting gold coins in the form mitzvos. Each one is worth not a Shmita or even a Yovel, but an eternity.

28 Apr 2013

Ger Mandolin Orchestra

After tracing his family roots to Gora Kalwaria, Poland, and erecting a memorial stone in honor of them and the entire Jewish community that was wiped out in the Holocaust, Avner Yonai still felt incomplete.

....During his research, Mr. Yonai discovered that in the 1920s and '30s. his maternal grandfather, David Rybak, and two of his brothers played in a band -- the 11-piece Ger Mandolin Orchestra, Ger being the Yiddish name for Gora Kalwaria. Most of the musicians died in the Treblinka death camp, but not David; he left Poland for British-mandate Palestine in 1935, before World War II.

Mr. Yonai set about reconstructing that orchestra,...
Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/music/grandson-recreates-orchestra-as-tribute-to-polish-jewish-roots-685397/#ixzz2RmWEg9vr

Observe the Sabbath day to sanctify it

I began reading an article in the New York Times about London's Jewish soccer team when I was struck by the words, "about 90 minutes before kickoff on a recent Saturday" and wondered how Jewish is a team that disregards the Jewish Sabbath.

...There are about 285,000 Jews in England, according to the 2011 census, and roughly two-thirds of them are said to live in or around London. The Lions were initially known as Maccabi Association London — and played in a Sunday league with other Jewish teams — but changed their name before the 2000 season when the club decided to enter into England’s more formal soccer structure.
At that time, there was some resistance from leaders of Britain’s Maccabi Union, who said it was not appropriate for the team to continue using the Maccabi name if it was going to play on Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath), as is customary for most leagues in England. Club management considered several alternatives, and ultimately settled on Lions as a tribute to the lion of Judah, which is a symbol of one of the biblical tribes of Israel.
Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/sports/soccer/lions-of-judah-and-of-london-a-jewish-soccer-team-plays-when-saturday-comes.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Rabbi Wallerstein's words posted on Torah Anytime in a shiur titled The Correct Definition of Olam Habah particularly resonated with me. Click here to listen.

27 Apr 2013


Mohamed Mamdouh, 22, a naturalized citizen from Morocco, had pleaded guilty in a closed-court proceeding last year to conspiracy and weapons possession as crimes of terror; his co-defendant, Algerian citizen Ahmed Ferhani, got a ten-year sentence last month as the scheme's mastermind.

The two had been taped during an eight-month NYPD undercover operation plotting to throw a grenade into an unspecified synagogue, and to wire multiple bombs to a single detonator so as to blow up several synagogues simultaneously.
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/moroccan_would_be_synagogue_bomber_5PIV61VnWPhvbs2C5ImppL

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/04/26/officials-found-guilty-in-obama-clinton-ballot-petition-fraud/#ixzz2RhMo9TOz

The United Nations official who angered critics by blaming the Boston Marathon bombing on “American global domination” will keep his post, because not enough other countries took offense at his comments.
Richard Falk, the United Nations Human Rights Council's Palestinian Territories monitor, will remain on the job until his mandate expires in mid-2014. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has rejected Falk’s comments, but the council's 47 member states have no plans to force him out.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/04/27/un-official-will-keep-post-despite-controversial-comments-about-boston-bombings/#ixzz2RhOB8BAv

Happy Lag Ba'Omer!!! Fabulous music and atmosphere at Meron, as evidenced by the live broadast at Kikar Hashabat.

26 Apr 2013

What did you say?

I started reading "Positive Word Power" from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and came across the following which I thought I would share with you.

What did you say?

...The Talmud (Chagiga 5b) teaches us that in the Next World, each of us will have to answer this question regarding every word we spoke in our lifetimes. It proves this by citing a verse in Amos (4:13) which states "u'maggid l'adam mah sicho - He recounts to a person what were his words."
....Rav Chaim Volozhiner writes in Nefesh Hachaim that there is a particular reason why the verse states "mah sicho - what were his words," rather than the more common formulation of "es sicho - his words."  The use of "mah" means that a person will not only hear his words, but he will see what his words did, what their consequences were to those who received them.

And just to reinforce the point that our words are being recorded to be played back later, here is an article about someone I am sure would like to take back some of his words.
H/T Memeorandum

Frank Luntz, the media-friendly Republican consultant and word wiz, told a group of college students this week that Rush Limbaugh and right-wing talk radio are "problematic" for the GOP and partly responsible for the stark polarization within the nation's political discourse. He only dared to speak so candidly about Limbaugh and other conservative hosts off the record. A secretly recorded video, though, captured Luntz's remark.
Continue reading: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/04/frank-luntz-rush-limbaugh-problematic-secret-tape

128-Year-Old Recording Surfaces of Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice — Hear It!

25 Apr 2013

About wealth

A study published in the April issue of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that many people primarily driven by a desire for wealth are still willing to help someone in need.

...Whether the subject was intrinsically motivated by religion did predict helping behavior: those with intrinsic religious motivation (those who viewed religion as an end in itself rather than a means to an end) were 13 times more likely to help compared to a subject without intrinsic motivation (like those who viewed religion as a means to an end, motivated by social status or peer approval).

"The source of intrinsic motivation arises from following religious tradition, which calls for altruism and self-sacrifice," writes author Michael Babula, a senior lecturer in quantitative techniques at the University of Greenwich.

GVA reports that a Belgian mayor is calling on people to return money they picked up on a street after a safe was dropped by fleeing thieves this past Saturday. So far, people have returned 11,000 euro but the mayor stated that the amount lost was considerably higher.

A possible motive

An escapee from a psychiatric institution slashed a rabbi and his son with a box-cutter on Tuesday, prompting witnesses to tackle and subdue the attacker after a chase through a Paris synagogue, officials said.
...The assailant was of Iranian origin, and an official investigation was underway to determine a possible motive, Prasquier said.
Continue reading: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/escapee-from-psychiatric-hospital-slashes-rabbi-son-with-box-cutter-outside-paris-synagogue/2013/04/23/493d8252-ac23-11e2-9493-2ff3bf26c4b4_story.html

By the way, thank you to LondonMale for the interesting and informative comment on the last post.

24 Apr 2013

Building collapse

An eight-story building collapsed Wednesday morning on the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital, killing at least 123 people and injuring hundreds, a police official said.

...Several garment workers near the wreckage said a crack appeared Tuesday on the building's seventh floor.

At first, the workers said, managers ordered workers not to report to work on Wednesday.

Later, the factory owners reversed the order, telling workers that the building was safe, said Morjina Begum, who worked on the sixth floor. Many workers were hesitant to show up Wednesday but reported to work because they were afraid of losing their jobs, she said. More than a dozen other workers corroborated her story.
Read more: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/24/world/asia/bangladesh-building-collapse/index.html

Let's hope that survivors will be found speedily and what a shame about the order being reversed.

Speed painting

A friend of mine told me about an email that had been sent to her regarding a speed painter who painted a series of splotches. No one in the audience could figure out what he was painting until the very last second, when all was revealed. She said that it was a parable for life about how we can not begin to comprehend the whole picture.

Yesterday I came across a story about Eliyahu Hanavi who took a man with him on a journey in which the man could not fathom why bad things happened to good people and vice versa, until the prophet revealed all.

Click here to read the story.

23 Apr 2013

Coming - the 17th of Iyar

After reading an article at KikarHashabat about a rabbi's prediction of a catastrophe occurring this coming Saturday evening, I translated some of it and posted about the event which will lead to "chevlei Mashiach." After posting, I discovered that Yeranen Yaakov had already translated the article in full so I will direct you to his post over here.

Israel Matzav reports on one person wating for Mashiach over here.

And here's news about a tragedy that did not occur.

An Associated Press spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday that an AP Twitter message reporting two explosions in the White House was "bogus."
Read more: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/04/23/uk-usa-whitehouse-ap-idUKBRE93M12Q20130423?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews

Just a reminder of yesterday's post that this evening ushers in the yarzheit of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness.

A time to love and a time to hate

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Kohelet 3:8
עֵת לֶאֱהֹב וְעֵת לִשְׂנֹא,
עֵת מִלְחָמָה וְעֵת שָׁלוֹם

A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time for war, and a time for peace

After reading an article by Rev. Mr. Michael Rogers, S.J., titled Dear Dzhokhar, I Can't Hate You, I immmediately thought of the above words composed by the smartest king of all time.

Dear Dzhokhar, you may have crossed the threshold of the building in which I lived to compete in an athletic event, but we have never met, and you tried to kill my family, a friend, my students, and destroy my community.
...Dear Dzhokhar, for all of this, I can't hate you... Today I thought about the fact that you are only 19 ... you are just a kid. You must have been so afraid. You were a victim like so many are victims. You were brought something you shouldn't have been brought into because you likely didn't and couldn't know any better.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach penned an article titled And hate the sinner too.

Amid my deep respect for the Christian faith, I state unequivocally that to love the terrorist who bombs a marathon or the white supremacist who drags a black man three miles behind a car, is not just stupid, it is deeply sinful. To love evil is itself evil and constitutes a passive form of complicity.
Read more:http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/america-rabbi-shmuley-boteach/and-hate-the-sinner-too/2013/04/22/2/

22 Apr 2013

The 14th of Iyar

Rabbi Lazer Brody posted the following:

The 14th day of Iyar - this coming Wednesday - is known as Pesach Sheni. It's also the yahrtzeit of the holy Rebbe Meir baal Haness. Read about it in Tal Rotem's G-d of Rebbe Meir, Answer Me!

Tal Rotem reminds readers that the yahrzeit of Rebbe Meir is a special day to give charity and ask for your heart's wishes.  
 Click here to read about "elaka d'Meir aneni."

Two women

This morning I received a link to an NYT article posted at the JASA site (Jewish Association Serving the Aging) regarding nonagenarian Esther Rabinowitz.

 “I have to start my day by looking in the mirror and being happy,”

Click here to read the amazing story of her life.

Elsa Walsh writes about Why women should embrace a ‘good enough’ life at the Washington Post.

14 Apr 2013

Acharei Mos

Kikar Hashabat has an article about Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, who was niftar on Friday. One son related that he witnessed his father crying uncontrollably this past Rosh Hashana when reading the portion of "Vayehi Acharei Mos."
When another son asked his father to be the Sandek at a grandson's bris this Monday, Rav Yaakov Yosef did not respond in the affirmative but said that they would speak about it after Shabbat.

A relative related how she heard someone speak this weekend about he went to kivrei tzaddikim to pray that his child should get married. Baruch Hashem, he was zocheh to see his prayer come to fruition. The man told his audience that he intends to go back to the kivrei tzaddikim to relate the good news.

The Zissil Encyclopedia of Kevrei Tzadikim is a site currently under construction which "includes articles and media about Kivrei Tzadikim (graves, shrines and tombs of the Righteous) throughout Israel and the world. It also includes content about Mekomos Hakedoshim (Holy locations that do not have Kevarim). Click here to peruse the site.

Protecting and not protecting the Constitution

A Kentucky school district is yanking down multiple displays of the Ten Commandments after an atheist organization sent the county a letter warning the plaques were unconstitutional.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/atheists-win-ten-commandments-battle/#5gcU5kUPbXCOG2DV.99

The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.
“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”
They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

Tznius is back

Woman 1: I can't believe what I'm reading, "long-sleeved, calf length dresses, high neck, discretion
The truth is it takes a certain courage and conviction to try simple, covered-up clothes."

Woman 2: Such an outdated view on fashion. What are you reading?  A Jewish book on the laws of dressing modestly?  Can't they get on with the times and not dress like they are living in the 14th century?

Woman 1: Well, actually, I was quoting from an article in the New York Times  published this month titled A Modest Proposal which stated, "Right now, covering up seems way sexier and far more modern than baring it all" and which described Valentino's new design duo's clothes in one word - modesty.

Woman 2: Oh my gosh! What am I doing in these revealing clothes? Let's get to a store quickly to buy some high neck, calf length and long-sleeved clothes. After all, we are living in the 21st century and we want to wear modern fashinable clothes, don't we?

13 Apr 2013

The persuasive writing assignment

High school is full of hypotheticals, like “How does one solve for x?” and “What happens if I skip class?” But this week, students at Albany High School were given an alarming thought puzzle: How do I convince my teacher that I think Jews are evil?

That question was posed to about 75 students on Monday by an unidentified 10th-grade English teacher as a “persuasive writing” exercise. The students were instructed to imagine that their teacher was a Nazi and to construct an argument that Jews were “the source of our problems” using historical propaganda and, of course, a traditional high school essay structure.
Continue reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/13/nyregion/albany-teacher-gives-pro-nazi-writing-assignment.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

12 Apr 2013

A proclamation of appreciation

This week I attended a shiur in which the rabbi discussed how he had visited a man who needed to undergo months of rehab after being involved in a car accident.

"You don't know how differently I recite the morning blessings after my accident," he told the rabbi.

The rabbi advised us to recite the morning blessings with gratitude to Hashem, and not wait for an accident (heaven forbid) for us to realize
G-d's beneficence.

Rebbetzin Jungries writes about "the beneficial effects of gratitude, of finding happiness in what G-d has given us and not obsessing about what our neighbors have."

When we arrived in the United States in 1947 my parents rented a small, dilapidated basement apartment in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. We had been in our new residence no more than a few weeks when I suddenly fell ill. It was one of those common childhood diseases but I was running a very high fever and my parents didn’t know where to find a doctor.

An angel of mercy, one of our neighbors, appeared at our door. She called her doctor and asked him to make a house call. She took care of the bill and in every way proved to be a precious, supportive friend. My parents never allowed me to forget that kindness. Every Erev Shabbos, when my mother baked delicious challahs and cakes, there would be a package for this neighbor ready for me to deliver. Years later when I got married, she was seated in a place of honor at my wedding.

In retrospect one might argue that our neighbor didn’t do anything remarkable. A family of Holocaust survivors arrives from Europe, broken and destitute. Their little girl falls ill and they don’t know where to turn. You have to have a heart of stone not to help. But my father taught us never to take any act of kindness lightly. Gratitude is one of the pillars on which our faith if based. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night we are called on to declare praise and thanks to G-d. Our first words must be a proclamation of appreciation to the Almighty for having returned our souls and renewing our contract. No aspect of life is to be taken for granted – a glass of water, a tree in bloom, a rainbow in the sky – all be acknowledged with a blessing to G-d.
Continue reading: http://www.jewishpress.com/judaism/rebbetzins-viewpointrebbetzin-jungreis/the-key-to-a-meaningful-life/2013/04/10/

11 Apr 2013


IsraelNationalNews highlights a video of Anat Hoffman speaking at a BBC interview about her views on women's prayer at the Western Wall.
Temple Mount activist Yosef Rabin sent the video of the interview to other activists Thursday and wrote in an e-mail that "Anat Hoffman's attempt at taking over the Kotel is nothing short of a declaration of war against Torah Judaism in the Land of Israel."
Click here to continue reading article and to view the BBC interview.
During the course of the interview, the BBC journalist asked, "Who is the final human authority?... Who do you believe should finally make the decision about what can and can't be done in a place like the Western Wall?"
Chadrei Charedim has published the opinion of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who stated "G-d forbid making any changes to the wall. Western Wall a holy place. Have to do everything possible to keep the situation unchanged." (Google translation of Hebrew article)
In the interview, Ms. Hoffman says "we shouldn't mix "normalcy" and "orthodoxy." ... They are not the same concept." She defines orthodoxy as a minority.
Speaking of definitions, The Blaze reports on a " crossword-style vocabulary sheet from Union Grove Elementary School."
A mother at a Wisconsin public school said her daughter’s eighth grade class was assigned a worksheet with some eyebrow-raising definitions for “conservatism” and “liberalism.”
Conservatism, it stated in part, believes in “preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms” while liberalism is for “equality and personal freedom for everyone.”

Mistaken reporting

Judaism is intensely aware of the power of speech and of the harm that can be done through speech. The rabbis note that the universe itself was created through speech. Of the 43 sins enumerated in the Al Cheit confession recited on Yom Kippur, 11 are sins committed through speech. The Talmud tells that the tongue is an instrument so dangerous that it must be kept hidden from view, behind two protective walls (the mouth and teeth) to prevent its misuse.

The harm done by speech is even worse than the harm done by stealing or by cheating someone financially: money lost can be repaid, but the harm done by speech can never be repaired. For this reason, some sources indicate that there is no forgiveness for lashon ha-ra (disparaging speech). This is probably hyperbole, but it illustrates the seriousness of improper speech. A Chasidic tale vividly illustrates the danger of improper speech: A man went about the community telling malicious lies about the rabbi. Later, he realized the wrong he had done, and began to feel remorse. He went to the rabbi and begged his forgiveness, saying he would do anything he could to make amends. The rabbi told the man, "Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds." The man thought this was a strange request, but it was a simple enough task, and he did it gladly. When he returned to tell the rabbi that he had done it, the rabbi said, "Now, go and gather the feathers. Because you can no more make amends for the damage your words have done than you can recollect the feathers."

I was reminded of the above anecdote when I read a JPOST article which began with the following words:

Fox News mistakenly reported on Monday that a newly circumcised infant had contracted HIV in New York after undergoing metzitza b’peh...

After reading how Fox News had erred, I went to the article to see if there was a correction at the end of the article in which there was an acknowledgement of the mistake. There was no clue that the article had been updated from a previous version, except that some of the words were now missing in the updated version. Many who linked to the article or started forum discussions about how the baby contactraced HIV have not updated their links to the new version.

Two infants contract herpes following circumcision
After undergoing an orthodox circumcision ritual, two infant boys have contracted herpes, the New York City Department of Health said yesterday.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/04/08/two-infants-contract-herpes-following-circumcision-one-tests-positive-for-hiv/#ixzz2Q64VZ7Ib

Two infants contract herpes following circumcision; one tests positive for HIV
After undergoing an orthodox circumcision ritual, two infant boys have contracted herpes - with one testing positive for HIV-1, the New York City Department of Health said yesterday.

Click here to read cached version.

Everyone would be in love with me

The Forward speculates, Mayor Anthony Weiner? It Could Happen.

That could shake up allegiances among New York City’s political clans, including some city Jews. And analysts warned against betting against Weiner, given his potent resume and proven vote-winning prowess.

To the possible mayoral candidate, it's Mayer Wiener, not Mayor Weiner.

10 Apr 2013

Davening on his behalf

Reuters reports on a plan proposed by Natan Sharansky to "expand the Jerusalem prayer site's plaza, where worshippers are segregated by sex in accordance with Orthodox ritual practice, to add a mixed-gender section for other denominations of Judaism."

The article reports that Sharansky saying, "Everyone has their misgivings but they all understand that the situation where the Western Wall is a place of division must end, and that it must be rebuilt as a unifying place," he said.

I find it ironic that the plan which is supposed to unify is one which calls for a third division of the holy site.

When a person has the physical symptoms of the spiritual disease Tzara'as... he must call out: ‘[I am] Impure! [I am] Impure!' (VaYikra 13:45). The Gemara inquires why the Metzora is required to call out at all and why use the double expression: ‘[I am] Impure! [I am] Impure!'? (Mo'ed Katan 5a). The Gemara answers that one mention of ‘Impure' is to notify people to stay away so they do not become contaminated. The other mention of ‘Impure' is to inform the public to daven to Hashem for his recovery.

Why does the Metzora need others to daven on his behalf? Why can't he just daven himself? The classic cause for contracting this Tzara'as disease is the habitual speaking of Lashon Hara (Rambam, Tumas Tzara'as 16:10). Lashon Hara essentially refers to non-constructive statements that are either derogatory or potentially harmful to a third party. The Zohar explains that Hashem will not listen to the prayers of habitual speakers of Lashon Hara. That is why the Metzora needs others to daven for him. Deliberately looking for the faults, rather than the merits, of others and talking about them to one's friends brings with it the horrific consequence that such people will not be listened to by Hashem, however strongly they daven and cry out and however many other good qualities that they may have.

The media's priorities

Thomas Lifson writes, "The murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell largely is being ignored by the mainstream media, even in the face of grisly testimony...
...Mark Steyn points out that the British press is "doing the job American media won't do."
He adds: The U.S. media's unanimous agreement to see no evil is sick and totalitarian...."
Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/04/the_most_shocking_news_you_wont_see_in_the_msm_today.html#ixzz2Q2cYGg27

Forbes has an article about the same topic.

The media’ obsession of Rutgers University men’s basketball coach Mike Rice is everywhere–television, print, social.
...What troubles me is why Rice and Rutgers deserve more attention from the media than doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is on trial for eight counts of murder related to his abortion clinic in Philadelphia.
...It is also disturbing that the media and our elected officials think the Rice story is more important than what went down at Columbia University, where former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin–who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard–has been hired as an adjunct professor at the School of Social Work..

9 Apr 2013

The healing month

The Sefer Ta’amei HaMinhagim (page 251) writes that our new month of Iyar is tried and tested as a time for refuah, healing, from the ailments and pains that may affect a person. Why is this so? He brings the B’nai Yisaschar, who teaches that most weakness and illness come from foods which do not comport with the person’s nature or composition. The Rambam (Hilchos De’os 4:15) writes likewise. See also Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Chapter 32.

Since the Mon began to fall in this month (on the 16th day of Iyar 2448)--and it was a perfect food from which resulted no sickness, pain or even waste matter (as Dovid HaMelech refers to it in Sefer Tehillim--“lechem abirim”) and even cured those who were ill--Hashem left the curative nature of the month in effect even through today. Accordingly, Iyar is a time of “segulah l’ refuah”.

In fact, the Ta’amei HaMinhagim notes, the name “Iyar” is an acronym for Ani Hashem Rofecha--I am Hashem, Your Healer.
Continue reading: http://www.frumtoronto.com/Blogger.asp?BlogCategoryID=33&ShowEntryID=943

The State Department has moved to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton willfully “disregarded congressional safeguards and transparency requirements” regarding U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), potentially allowing funds to flow to terrorist groups such as Hamas.
Read more: http://freebeacon.com/suing-for-safety/

Symbols, signs and an act of kindness

Nearly a dozen Jewish families in Brooklyn were targeted by vandals who torched symbols of their faith, and they did it on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Read more: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/04/08/jewish-religious-objects-found-burned-on-holocaust-remembrance-day/

Crown Heights info has pictures of a group of people putting up a sign in Brooklyn, coinciding with the date the Rebbe said the Sicha on Chof Ches Nissan “Do All That You Can to Bring Moshiach”.

You can view the video of the Rebbe speaking in Yiddish (with Hebrew subtitles) in the second video below.

A Walmart employee who makes nine bucks an hour found $20,000 in cash - and immediately returned the money to its rightful owners.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/walmart-employee-returns-20-000-relieved-couple-article-1.1310845

8 Apr 2013

Worrying regrets

There's a fascinating article at the Huffington Post worth reading in its entirety titled The Most Surprising Regret Of The Very Old -- And How You Can Avoid It.

What do older people regret when they look back over their lives? I asked hundreds of the oldest Americans that question. I had expected big-ticket items: an affair, a shady business deal, addictions -- that kind of thing. I was therefore unprepared for the answer they often gave:
I wish I hadn't spent so much of my life worrying.
Read full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karl-a-pillemer-phd/how-to-stop-worrying-reduce-stress_b_2989589.html

2 Apr 2013

The Passover libel

A Palestinian non-profit organization has removed an article from its website that accused Jews of using "the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.”
The Miftah organization, founded by Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi and funded by European and Western governments, reportedly apologized for publishing the article, after first refusing to apologize and condemning the Jewish bloggers who publicized the article.
The apology was first reported by Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon.
Read more: http://www.jta.org/news/article/2013/04/02/3123361/palestinian-non-profit-belatedly-apologizes-for-blood-libel-article