"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

31 Oct 2014

Who is the Baal Habirah?

An article in the New York Times titled Contested Holy Site in Jerusalem Reopens for Muslim Worship states, "The site, where ancient Jewish temples once stood, is the holiest in Judaism."

I prefer that description of the Temple Mount, where it is presented as fact to the description in an eallier NYT article, "the Temple Mount, revered by Jews as the location of ancient Jewish temples and the holiest site in Judaism."

A sick new ‘game’ making its rounds on social media inspired a group of young teenagers to assault a 13-year-old Jewish girl in Crown Heights. The name of the game is ‘What the he** are they?’ http://crownheights.info/crime/457421/jewish-girls-assault-part-of-sick-new-social-media-game/

A rare 16th century Hebrew Bible disappeared earlier this month, with the man who purchased it on eBay reportedly claiming that the eight-volume holy book never arrived at his home.

30 Oct 2014

Name clarification

The Muqata reports: Name clarification from Yehuda's parents: Yehuda Yehoshua ben Itta Breina
יהודה יהושוע בן איטה בריינה

State Department Spokesperson, Jen Psaki, condemned the shooting.
But let me say we condemn yesterday’s shooting of a U.S. citizen in Jerusalem. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. We’re in touch with authorities as we seek more information.

We’re extremely concerned by escalating tensions across Jerusalem and particularly surrounding the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. It is absolutely critical that all sides exercise restraint, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric, and preserve the status quo in – on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount in word and in practice. It must be reopened to Muslim worshippers. The continued commitment by Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians to preserve the historic status quo at this holy site is critical. Any decisions or actions to change it would be both provocative and dangerous.

Anti-Israel Media Bias Indistinguishable from Palestinian Incitement

A high-profile Jewish school has fallen foul of government regulations on British values and tolerance introduced in the wake of the Trojan horse affair in Birmingham, raising fears among the community that Jewish schools are being harshly treated.
...The inspection report on Beis Yaakov said there were “major gaps in students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Yesterday I was disturbed to see an ad for car insurance opposite where I live with the words "Sh*t happens." How our values have changed from years ago when people were more refined and would have objected to the S word being spelled out in full.

What's so wrong with "major gaps" in moral and cultural development?


VIDEO: Launch of New Global Women’s Movement – Ner Echad

Collive has a reponse by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to a question about weight loss over here.

Many of the questions posed at the State Department briefing of October 29th focused on Israel including the two questions below.

QUESTION: Okay. And did you see Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response, and in particular his reference to the security of – I think he said the Israeli people and Jerusalem, although he may have said Israel and Jerusalem. But implicit in his comment was that Jerusalem is theirs, which, of course, is not a position that the United States – belongs to Israel – which is not a position that the United States --

QUESTION: Right. But are you proud of the fact that the – is the Administration proud of the fact that it, quote/unquote, “boxed” Israel in or out of conducting some kind of military operation against the Iranians?
Read full transcript: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2014/10/233492.htm

I have been ending the posts the last few days with a video regarding Brachot perek 1, after reading about IsraelMatzav posting a notice requesting "people to study Mishna in memory of (Karen) Yamima Mosquera HY"D."

29 Oct 2014

A quality education

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is to donate $50,000 (39,000 euros) to help rebuild United Nations schools in Gaza, the UNRWA said Wednesday.
... "We must all work to ensure Palestinian boys and girls, and all children everywhere, receive a quality education in a safe environment."

Let's hope they receive a quality education.

WATCH: Video Of Yehuda Glick Taken Just Minutes Before He Was Shot

On CNN, Wolf Blitzer Says Kaddish

Shidduch Group 2nd Conference

Raccoon atop a lamp post

Just came across an unusual photo which can be viewed by clicking the link to the article.

PHOTO: Raccoon Atop Lamp Post in Queens

A raccoon has been rescued after climbing to the top of a light post in Queens and clinging there for hours.

הגר"ח קנייבסקי לרב שמשון הלפרין: "חיה זיסל הייתה נשמה גבוהה"

Jonathan S. Tobin has written an article in Commentary titled Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis, in which he details the pejorative a White House official called Prime Minister Netanyahu, as written about by columnist Jeffrey Goldberg.

But President Obama and his foreign-policy team aren’t just annoyed by the prime minister. They’ve come to view him as public enemy No. 1, using language about him and giving assessments of his policies that are far harsher than they have ever used against even avowed enemies of the United States, let alone one of its closest allies.

Jeffrey Goldberg's article is titled The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here and the journalist opines that the breakdown, in good part, can be assigned to Netanyahu and his cabinet.

Twitter users have pointed out to Mr. Goldberg the words he used in a 2008 article.

So, all you rumor-mongering, fever-headed Jewish conspiracists: Support McCain, if you want, and there are credible reasons for doing so, but stop smearing Obama in the face of overwhelming evidence that the man is a great friend of Jews and of Israel.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has called on President Barack Obama to “name, apologize for, and repudiate” the anonymous official who was quoted, in an Atlantic Magazine article by Jeffrey Goldberg, describing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickens....”

Yesterday I wrote about IsraelMatzav posting a notice requesting "people to study Mishna in memory of (Karen) Yamima Mosquera HY"D."

28 Oct 2014

A flood of Bibles

Last year there was Thanksgivukkah; This year, as Halloween falls on Shabbat, an organization is hosting a “Challahween Kabbalat Shabbat.”

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has received a flood of Bibles — somewhere between 500 and 1,000 according to a spokesman for the mayor’s office — after the city subpoenaed the church sermons of five local faith leaders opposed to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which the mayor signed in May.

The United Nations Relief and Works agency for Palestine Refugees has urged the international community to block Israeli plans to relocate thousands of Palestinian Bedouins from the central West Bank, in fear the move could lead to further violations of UN charter.
The UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl said on Sunday that the implementation of such a plan would stoke concerns "that it amounts to a 'forcible transfer' in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention".

Egypt may relocate thousands of Bedouin to widen buffer zone near Gaza border
Egypt is considering expanding the jurisdiction of military courts and displacing thousands of residents to enlarge a military buffer zone near the border with the Gaza Strip following an attack on security forces in the area.

Is the Egyptian transfer considered "in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention"?

IsraelMatzav posted a notice requesting "people to study Mishna in memory of (Karen) Yamima Mosquera HY"D."

The last moments

The Yeshiva World writes about MK Yoni Chetboun being menachem aveil the family of Chaya Zisel Braun HY”D.

The pained young father turned to Chetboun and shared his last moments of his daughter’s life. “I pointed out the Har Habayis to Chaya Zisel explaining this is where Avraham was ready to sacrifice Yitzchok Avinu. A willingness to be moser nefesh for Kiddush Hashem. And I also was moser my only daughter”.
- See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/267717/bereaved-father-to-mk-chetboun-protect-the-bnei-torah.html#sthash.dQ27uoZu.dpuf

Another Anti-Semitic Hate Crime At Claremont McKenna College

Weasel Zippers has a post titled UC Berkeley Libs Trying To Get Bill Maher Disinvited From Speaking At Graduation For Criticizing Islam… which opines, "If Maher stuck to bashing Christianity he’d still be in good standing with his comrades on the left."

The State Department question and obfuscation session of October 27th had more than its share of questions about Israel including an answer by Jen Psaki in the video below in response to a question regarding Israeli settlement units.

A few other questions asked included the following exchange.

QUESTION: In the case of the Palestinian American teenager who was killed on Friday, are you – do you know the circumstances under which he was shot?

MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any more details.

QUESTION: There are – okay. The reason I ask is because there are reports out there that he was throwing Molotov cocktails at cars on a highway. And I’m wondering, if that is the case, would you have still been so speedy in putting out a statement and offering your condolences to the family? The argument that is being made by some in Israel is that this kid was essentially a terrorist. And you don’t agree with that, I assume, but I don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking.

MS. PSAKI: Correct, we don’t. I don’t have any more details on the circumstances now.

QUESTION: So you – does that – that would apply even if he was throwing Molotov cocktails?

MS. PSAKI: I’m not going to speculate. I don’t have details to share.

Read the entire briefing at http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2014/10/233404.htm.

27 Oct 2014

Mi'Yagon l'Simcha

Kikar Hashabat writes about a hachnosat sefer Torah to take place this Thursday in the merit of the two young Gross girls who were niftar earlier this year after an exterminator visited their home.

Collive posts A mother writes a painful public letter to the happily married classmates of her daughter.
The letter has garnered over 100 comments, just as the Mishpacha article by Shlomo Rechnitz evinced many opinions about how to go about solving the shidduch crisis.

Rabbi Lazer Brody has an article titled The real Shimon Cohen.

Real "winners"

THE French municipality of Valenton (near Paris), has just named a street after Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian terrorist convicted in 2004 of murdering at least five Israelis.
At the inauguration of the street, Valenton mayor Françoise Baud called Barghouti “the face of the unwavering resistance of the Palestinian people against the occupation, the crimes, the destruction, the apartheid and the colonization perpetrated by the Israeli government”.
Continue reading: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/15843#.VE3vGJtATIX

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa on Sunday condemned last Wednesday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
The condemnation came hours after a citizen of Ecuador, 22-year-old Karen Mosquera, died of injuries sustained in last week’s attack, in which three-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun was murdered as well.
"We will reject violence from wherever it comes," Correa wrote on Twitter, according to AFP, expressing his solidarity with the woman's grieving relatives.

What took so long for the condemnation? Is it violence only when it affects a citizien from your country?

Cosmic X reports:
Do you remember the "intermarriage of the year", when Moral Malka "wed" Mahmud Mansour a couple of months ago? Well, it looks like Moral picked a real "winner":
Continue reading: http://cosmicx.blogspot.be/2014/10/mahmoud-mansour-arrested-for-drug.html

Yid with Lid reports on a debate between Democrat Sen.Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Scott Brown.

The collapse of the incumbent Sen.Jeanne Shaheen's campaign continued Sunday morning at a candidate's forum taking place at Reform Synagogue Temple Adath Yeshurun. The heavily liberal crowd (Reform Jews tend to be the most liberal skewing Jews) booed the incumbent and called her rude after she interrupted Republican Scott Brown during his concluding remarks:
Does the Senator have to worry about the outcome of the election, particularly with voting machines reported about in the article below?

Voting machines that switch Republican votes to Democrats are being reported in Maryland. “When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it,” reported Donna Hamilton. - See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/another-calibration-error-machines-flip-gop-votes-democrats-maryland-64063/?

26 Oct 2014

Your name shall be Abraham

לבכות: האמא בירכה שהחיינו בברית
In the week that we read in parshat Lech Lecha, "your name shall be Abraham," a baby has received the name Avraham (Chaim) after his father who was niftar before the bris. 

A woman, 22, has died Sunday, four days after she was mortally wounded when a terrorist plowed into a Jerusalem crowd with his car Wednesday.
She is the second victim of the attack to die. The first, baby Chaya Zisel Braun, died Wednesday.
The woman is a citizen of Ecuador who reportedly came to Israel with the intention of converting to Judaism.

BREAKING: NYPD Officer Shoots Man Who Ran At Him With A Box Cutter

As I read the headline, I immediately thought if anyone would remark that this was a disproportionate response and I have already seen a comment posted,  "I can hear it now...it was unfair because he only had a boxcutter and the cop had a gun.."

Many of composer Johann Sebastian Bach's best-loved works may have actually been written by his wife, an academic has claimed.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2808296/Did-Mrs-Bach-write-composer-s-finest-works-Handwriting-analysis-proves-musician-s-second-wife-penned-best-pieces-academics-claim.html#ixzz3HHcuAxKK