"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

2 Jul 2015

Torah and kindness

A friend told me about Torah Wellsprings, thoughts on the parsha by RABBI ELIMELECH BIDERMAN SHLITA. I found the PDF for this week's parsha and just read through it. I highly recommend reading it. You can sign up for an email over here and read the PDF over here.

I received an email today asking to spread the word about a "campaign we are doing to add a bridal gown section to the work that we do to assist orphan Chatanim and Kallot."

Please click here to learn more about the Chessed Ve'Emet activities.
The haftorah of Parshat Balak which we read this Shabbat ends with the verse, "He has told you, O man, what is good, and what the Lord demands of you; but to do justice, to love loving-kindness, and to walk discreetly with your God."
Why not do a kindness NOW by helping out the brides?

HYPOCRISY: Before They Vilify Trump, NBC & NYC Should Disassociate From Sharpton

Making seconds count

Study: Most Americans suffer from ‘Digital Amnesia’

I don't know about you but I can summarize the results of the above study in one word. Darn, what's the word? I forgot.

Op-Ed: Sir Nicholas Winton: One Daring Act of Kindness Can Change the World

Outrage Expressed After Kosher Bakery Endorses Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage - With Rainbow Cookies

The other day I posted a link to an article about gaining an extra second in the last minute of June, due to a leap second being added. I just came across the video below in which Rabbi Anchelle Perl delivers a timely message (along with a couple of timely jokes such as, "Why shouldn't you tell secrets when a clock is around? Because time will tell." - Stay tuned to the end of the video for a laugh."

An Island of Spirituality in Fashion Center

Malachi's message

National tipping point: As Oklahoma bans the Ten Commandments from the capitol, brace yourself for THIS next outrage

Emunah daily lesson

Parents of Terror Victim Give 'Malachi's Message'

1 Jul 2015

Courts, judges and monitors

By a margin of 7-2, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday to remove the state Capitol’s Ten Commandments monument. The state Supreme Court ruled that the monument is “obviously religious in nature and … an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths,” and therefore defies separation of church and state.
Read more: http://dailysignal.com/2015/06/30/court-rules-to-remove-10-commandments-statue-at-oklahoma-state-capitol/

Devarim 16:18 commands, "You shall set up judges and law enforcement officials...."
Perhaps judges should be removed because they are spoken about in the Bible. Also, what about laws regarding homicide, theft, etc? Sounds suspiciously like the Ten Commandments.

Dennis Prager: Court Calls An End To Judeo-Christian America

The Lakewood Scoop posts Private Schools Will have Mixed-gender Busing Next Year to Save Money, School District State Monitor Says.

One comment posted - This is a blessing in disguise-it may solve the shidduch crisis!

30 Jun 2015

I'll have seconds

Rav Naftali Trop, the Rosh Yeshivah of the Chafetz Chaim's yeshivah in Radin, was a beloved figure known throughout the Torah world as a major talmid chacham. When he became very sick at a relatively young age, the yeshivah bachurim decided to donate time off their lives to him. Some of the boys pledged days, some pledged weeks. After all the pledges were made, they approached the Chafetz Chaim himself to ask him to donate time off of his life for the beloved Rosh Yeshivah.

The Chafetz Chaim thought about it and then told the boys that he was willing to give Rav Naftali one minute of his life. The boys couldn't believe it and asked incredulously... “Rebbe, one minute, no more?”.

Said the Chafetz Chaim, “If you knew what you could achieve in one minute of learning, you wouldn't be as careless with your time as you are”. The boys gained a new appreciation of the incredible value of time and returned to the Beis Midrash to learn. Later they said, “Never was the learning as intense as it was on the day that the Chafetz Chaim taught us the value of time”. http://www.shortvort.com/shemini-parasha/11700-parashas-shemini-journey-to-the-centre-of-the-torah

Midnight will come later tonight as for the first time in three years an extra second is added to the official time set by atomic clocks.

The "leap second" means the last minute of June will have 61 seconds in it.

An extra second - how the Chofetz Chaim would have utilized the extra second to its fullest potential. What are we going to do with it?

The 13th of Tammuz

Segulah of saying 13 times perek 13 of Tehillim

I recently read a communal notice in the Hamodia, "I said Tehillim Perek yud gimel 13 times for 13 days with the intention of publicizing and saw a great ישועה."

After reading the above notice, I resolved to get 13 people to start reciting the perek from the 13th of the month for 13 days while praying for a young woman to find her bashert. As today is the 13th of Tammuz, we have begun our effort starting from this morning.

Speaking of the 13th of Tammuz, below is a video which contains the Rebbe's words after the raid on Entebbe in July 1976. It seems from the caption under the video that the rebbe delivered his speech one week after the raid on 13 Tammuz, 5736 · July 11, 1976.

אוסף רמזים על מלחמות גוג ומגוג שעלולה לפרוץ בחודש תמוז השנה | מתוך מאמר קץ הגאולה סוד החשמל

The Rebbe's instructions

Collive writes about Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp, 66, OBM

A few years ago, Shturem.org wrote about the rabbi speaking to "the students of Mesivta Oholei Torah about rejoicing in Adar.

He spoke about the Rebbe's instructions to him regarding dancing in Adar, and what the Rebbe always asked, and always demanded that there should be true joy. He especially emphasized the Rebbe's guarantee that joy, with singing and dancing, is what will bring Moshiach closer."

Emuna daily lesson

מסר מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א לפרשת בלק תשע"ה

צפו בפצוע: "הרגשה של חוסר אונים, רוצים להרוג אותי כי אני יהודי

Should marriage be limited to one man and one woman?